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Not sure when I became a bukowski fan. I suspect I"ve always been one, but I didn't know until I "discovered" him. Thats a big draw about him, you feel like you "discovered" him. Like you went into a public restroom to take a shit and saw some graffiti on the wall that was really, really good. Theres just so much I can relate too. Being tortured with jobs and bosses, numbing yourself with booze, simultaneously living in the blackness and the light, the use of humor. He's just great. He's definetely poetry for people who hate poetry. The first book I read of his was Come On In. The poem that sticks is Coronado Street. Where its a one sided conversation with his landlord, but you can tell what he was saying just by the landlords response. After I read that book, I thought "Now I have to read Post Office, thats just all there is to it." And that was great. I just felt like he's the poor bastard standing with you at the time clock. Then I was poking around the library and out jumped the documentary about him. What a horribly amazing life. Really the most hope inspiring story I've ever heard. You kind of wish you were like him and at the same time would be scared shitless if you were like him. He's just great. Glad this site is here.
I just felt like he's the poor bastard standing with you at the time clock.

That's great image, I like it....

....and you're so petrified how come such a poor bastard is telling you such an incredibly wise thing...

...by the way, welcome, Benwa, and thans

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