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just found this forum. a Buk fanatic, I've read most all of the novels and some of the poems. enjoy his doodles and other art.

really haven't had much time to peruse the forum but the nag screen at the top made me feel guilty for registering and not posting so here's my 1st post. the forum rules are pretty stringent but I'll try to get along (while I'm sober anyway).

Godwin Pelissero, Jr
Welcome, you are right you should read as much of this as you can. What's so stringent? You will enjoy it here and you will learn like going to school. Hey, we even have a priest.
Which novel did you like best?
well, hey.
glad you could make it.
the bar's over there, behind that huge stack of binders filled with untold treasures. they belong to cireita and if things go well, he'll let you have a peek in one of them.
that will make more sense once you've had more time to look around.
"cirerita" is what hooch meant to say... but as you can tell, he's been into the bar already. the good thing about an internation forum is that there's no such thing as 'too early in the day' for a drink - it's after 1pm somewhere in the world, at any given time.
hey all, thanks for the welcome. liking it here already.

regarding my comment on signing-up:
"In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:
Forum Rules
Don't be an asshole."

it will be tough but I'll be ok.

favorite novel? Factotum, I guess. Post Office runner-up. it's hard for me to choose a favorite because the novels kind of blend with many similarities. it's those common threads that I really enjoy. love the harshness, the boozing, the agonizing at the "typer".

thanks for the welcome. I'll look into cirerita. for some reason I trust you folks won't send me off into something too weird. just weird enough!

getting ready for a generous pour here. good to be home 'cause I know the bartender will treat me right.
Hey, man. Don't be an asshole.

the boss has a funny way of saying things. we're all assholes here, believe me.

and beware those mythical creatures: "the binders! the binders!" [dying Marlon Brando voice, of course]

see? I told ya. A bunch of assholes!
Welcome to the forum, Godwin! If you're a Buk fanatic you'll feel right at home here...
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stumbled on in unknowingly.. had a ruff start at 1st, then regained my composure as well as my shoulder pads & crash helmet just incase all hell breaks loose ha ha - :)
Haightred is the present Love.
Think about it, some of your best friends had started out as an evenly matched advisary. Oh man I sound like a wise guy. Welcome back Tiff.

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