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I discovered Bukowski a few years ago.

I had worked a job I hated for a over a year, I'd dated a few troubled women, I was lost, but I felt alive sometimes. I picked up Post Office and from the first page I thought 'I should have written something like this!'

I mean I guess that's arrogant but that's what I thought

to be able to write about...just everyday stuff but make it feels so alive despite it all. Man it really blew my mind. Then I went crazy and read a lot of it. Bukowski continues to influence my thinking even if I did have to cut back on the drinking. It was also his LINES that go me.

I look forward to meeting you guys,

Always a pleasure to have the son of The Unknown Comic on board.

I just really dated myself, didn't I?

to be able to write about...just everyday stuff but make it feels so alive despite it all.

Agree. It's inspiring how Buk turned the absurdity/dullness of everyday life into art. No need for sci-fi gimmicks or sweeping landscapes. Vincent van Gogh once described the scene in my profile picture as "...something noble, that can't be meant for the worms." I feel the same about Buk's writing.
Yeah - it was an epiphany in a way. I was always a big reader and I studied literature in school but I felt so frustrated that I wasn't an 'art person' and I wasn't intellectual. When I first read Bukowski it felt like he captured what it feels like to be alive. To an extent he romanticised a dull depressing life, but isn't that what we all try to do? Everyone is living in their own little movie. I think the documentary on him 'born into this' confirmed he was a far more conservative acting person in real life than he seems in his writing.

He really gave me good company at a time I needed it badly. I was hopelessly lost and confused and depressed and reading those books gave me this feeling that in a time gone by there was another guy suffering along through it just like me yet refusing to be beaten by it. It strangely gave me strength.

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