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help plz does anybody know the poem "art" from 1977

I'm a photography student and I need to make some work whit text. I try to remember the poem art from 1977 (published in a small book that cald art) but I just can't remember the exact words:confused: . can any body help me.
I just noticed, that thats actually the last stanza from 'The ordinary café of the world',
page 285 of What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

Did it appear separately elsewhere?
I'm a student of video art in israel.
I'm looking for the poem that called "art". Its a one line poem that begin something like that "when...the form appeared" or somthing close.
lots and lots. A great little poem and one that can easily be found by searching this forum, or even googling a couple words....

Between this poem and "Dinosauria, we"....

I only wonder, what this guy has been doin' all the months in between.
If he just was too drunk or depressive to remember, I'd admit, he's allright.

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