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Well, I just registered and I have to say, wow this site is awesome, full of so much information on bukowski. I love his potery so much that I am actually doing my english essay on him.

Which is where this post comes in, as I need a little help :confused: The main goal of the essay is to show how bukowski's poems are gripping and how he uses his real life into the poems through Henry. I have found some great poems of his already an adult, but I am having a hard time finding some of when he was a kid, and how his father was abusive and the mom being affected. The only one I found was "a smile to remember.." but I would like to quote some more poems of him as a child. Also to note, that the essay is in MLA format, so all credit of where I get these quotes are being given in it (as it should be :) ).

So yea, any help on this would be greatly appreciated and I hope I am not overstepping my welcome by asking a question right off the bat, but I really want to do a great job on this essay, thank you in advance!

I know that you have specifically asked for poetry,
but have you read Ham on Rye?

If you click on "Manuscripts" on your left, you'll probably find poems about his childhood that you can use...

- and welcome to the forum, Nobuko42!
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