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Well, I just registered and I have to say, wow this site is awesome, full of so much information on bukowski. I love his potery so much that I am actually doing my english essay on him.

Which is where this post comes in, as I need a little help :confused: The main goal of the essay is to show how bukowski's poems are gripping and how he uses his real life into the poems through Henry. I have found some great poems of his already an adult, but I am having a hard time finding some of when he was a kid, and how his father was abusive and the mom being affected. The only one I found was "a smile to remember.." but I would like to quote some more poems of him as a child. Also to note, that the essay is in MLA format, so all credit of where I get these quotes are being given in it (as it should be :) ).

So yea, any help on this would be greatly appreciated and I hope I am not overstepping my welcome by asking a question right off the bat, but I really want to do a great job on this essay, thank you in advance!


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I know that you have specifically asked for poetry,
but have you read Ham on Rye?



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If you click on "Manuscripts" on your left, you'll probably find poems about his childhood that you can use...

- and welcome to the forum, Nobuko42!
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