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yia su vre malaka, kalosirthes.

ejo ime apo tin athina.

That was: Greeklish
(welcome hey jerk/friend, im from athens)


Te Kanis, Vito

Greek Lesson 101... Malaka = Jerk/Friend! Ha. I worked for Greeks (From Crete) for 8 years. That is the word that I heard 30 times a day... Really a great place to work. You always knew exactly where you stood and there was no bullshit. They called me "Evrios" or "Evriaki mu"

Of course, these are probably spelled wrong, as I am typing them as they sound...



I am not technically Jewish, but my Grandfather was born a Jew (converted to the meanest Catholic that you would ever run across). One thing that that I found endearing about the Greeks that I worked with was the ability to take a small fact about you and MAKE IT BECOME YOU. So, 25% Jew becomes Evrios. Hell. The vice president of the company would introduce me to customers as "This is my little Jew". They never knew how to take that comment. I always thought that it was funny. Of course, they also had many other names for me (These are spelled phoenetically and are going to be spelled wrong, with apologies to those that speak Greek)....

Falakra = Bald
Malaka = jerk off
Evrios = Jew
Colo Pedo = This is a tough translation. Colo = Ass and Pedo = child.

Of course, it was the only job that I ever had were I could say the following to the vice president and not get fired:

Aga Misu (Fuck Off)
Amoto Colos (Go get fucked in the ass)

Of the truly offensive:

Amoto Christos. (see above, but Christos = Christ)

ahhh..... Good times.



It is what it is
thats what i thought, too.

..its evreos = jew.
..The greeks have 1 or 2 often used curses developed on that word....

ROC you speak greek? latin?

A bit of Greek.
My mother is Greek and my dad is Irish (I was born here in Australia and married a Chinese/Indonesian - we just had a son - boy, is he a cocktail, or what?) :)

To my lasting horror, my mother continues to refer to a good friend of mine as (in Greek) "The Jew". His name is Steve and she knows this and it infuriates me that she refuses to call him that.
It's exactly what Bill says... they find one thing about you and that becomes you.
All cultural sins are forgotten however when you go there and eat the food.
Greek food rocks!

Jews, Muslims, Christians, black, white, yellow or whatever the hell in between - we'll all be beautiful mongrels soon (I hope).
Jews, Muslims, Christians, black, white, yellow or whatever the hell in between - we'll all be beautiful mongrels soon (I hope).

definitely, we'll All be (not so beautiful) food for the worms soon (at least).
Death is the big 'egalisator'.

oh, and: Welcome Vito!

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