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Hello to you all.

I first discorvered this page about eight months ago but it was not until a few days ago that I joined.

I'm a 18 year old girl and I'm form Mexico City. I started reading Bukowski a year ago and it was a revelation for me. As a woman, sometimes it was hard to have an objective point of view and not get offended by it, but I have never been a very sensitive person in that sense, so I took everything with a lot of humor; also, it was refreshing to read something as raw.

I hope I can learn more about it all and meet interesting people.

Over and out.


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in the interest of fair play, my cat's names are Henry Chinaski (11) and Roy Hobbs (9). my dog Joe is 8. the goldfish, Frank, is close to one year. which I'm pretty sure is some kind of record.

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Welcome nihil. Are you Mexican? The corgi is Bill and his bitch is named Ressa and we are looking after my son's cat who is a female named Ambulance. I think her name has something to do with the urgency in her very demanding meow. (As if you cared.)

Love your animals.


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So, welcome here nihil ! :)

I've got a friend coming from Mexico ! She's living here (in France) since one year, I've met her in march, a cool girl with a funny accent ( :D ) but not the one who would read Buk.
I don't know a lot of people who read Buk, actually; but then again, the amount of people I know and hang out with is very reduced. The way I see it in libraries, Buk is pretty damn popular for a country that reads HALF A BOOK per year...


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My friend is a big reader but she didn't know Hank, and when I described the man and his work, she told me she couldn't read such crude things.
Welcome, nihil!

Do you read his poetry more? Or his books? I discovered his poetry first and have read more of that. But I did love "Women."


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Hi Nihil,
Do you or any of the other posters on here happen to know which neighborhood Bukowski lived in while he was in Mexico City? I heard he shot his wife in Roma Norte.

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