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Hey from Mr. B in NH, USA. Joined up recently, after finding this killer database during a web search, and man it did the job like nobody's business. I needed to find what book had Pulled Down Shade, because I remembered that poem from a library book, but couldn't rememember the volume and wanted to buy my own.
Bing bang boom, next thing you know I had my own Last Night On Earth so I can read Pulled Down Shade anytime I get the hankering, so to speak, and I have this great database to thank. I'm a librarian in N.H., and I have great opportunities to learn new literature by accident and on purpose all the time, and I discovered Bukowski when I got an interlibrary loan request for Post Office a few years ago. When my patron returned the book, I thought I'd look at it before sending it back to the lending library, and man I was hooked, and that's where it started for me. Not to mention the bio by Sounes mutliplied my interest, and I used that to pick certain new works, and now this site will enhance my selection process. I enjoy Buk via books, CD's and DVD's, and I can share him with a rare couple of friends, but my girlfriend keeps saying "I don't know what you see in that guy."
Welcome to the forum, mr. B! The Last Night of the Earth Poems, is Buk's last great poetry collection published less than two years before his death. The Sounes bio is considered to be the best Buk bio so far. Great that you happend to pick up those two books...
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Thanks for the affirmations, Bukfan, must be fate. Got my own Last Night OF THE Earth Poems yesterday, and went straight to Pulled Down Shade to christen it. Not only can I read the book anytime, I will always remember what it is called.

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