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I stumbled into this forum when I was gathering ideas for a bukowski tattoo (i.e. looking for drawings). I recently graduated undergrad during which I always kept at least 3 books of Bukowski poetry near my computer for when the exhaustion and frustration of going to a yuppy university got to me. I like the way the man wrote (his poetry is my favorite and my favorites are usually the grimey poems about drinking, women and being down and out but not finished).
I like him and that's why i am here.
I am really impressed by the posts I have read here and that's another reason why I joined.
So... hi guys!
Well, unfortunately I have only read Post Office and The Capt. is out... as far as his non-poetry collections go but I have read many of his books of poetry (over and over again) thanks to my college having an incredible selection of his works and me devouring them every moment I could steal away from my studies.

I think I have decided to get one of the drawings of the little man at the piano that I found here. I actually am starting a collection of "drawings by people I greatly admire" on my arm. So far I have a kimya dawson piece and now buk and after this I think I am adding a daniel johnston drawing. *shrugs* though "Bon't Try" would make even me laugh every time I looked at it.

A reminder for all of us...

A Bukowski little man doodle would be much better. Welcome.
oh man, who is that guy? I feel kinda bad LoL...oh well there's always laser removal or cover ups

...or just simply wear your bad tattoo like some sort of badge...some sort, I suppose.
welcome xn!

Bon't you like that tattoo? This masterpiece! I even thought about getting it myself - over my whole belly. Bouldn't that look good?

Show us your other tattoo by Kimya Dawson please. and later the others too.

vodka will be sad, i suppose, to hear you don't like her.
Half the time people don't even get that it's a garter--they think its some sort of ballet imagery, a guitar or some phallus (my personal favorite... though I have a tendency to see vaginal imagery in everything)
In England, we call those suspenders.
Hell-oo :D
welcome to the forum niffy! i was recently trying to come up wit a buk tattoo myself. here are some images that i scanned from "all's normal here: a charles bukowski primer" and the 3 "new censorship" all buk issues. they may not be what you're looking for but you never know....:)







something else to take into consideration...

don't get any more tattoos.

Your garter tattoo is original and in a good enough place, but the whole young women getting loads of tattoos trend has gone on long enough. just my opinion.
not to sound rude but I am not following a "trend" by any means.
Thanks for your feedback but I hardly need any advice on how to decorate my body, even if I am a "young woman" which clearly lends to my ability to make decisions on my own...
As I type this Carol is on her way to Zulu here in Los Angeles to consult with one of their artists on a full sleeve job, so my opinion may be biased. But who cares what they look like when you're 60 or 70 years old? Tattoos are for now, since now is the only time we're alive.

I think an old blob of a world war II tattoo is really interesting, even if you can't tell what it used to be. You can sure as hell bet that it has a story behind it. Most do (how many of you had ever heard of Valie Export before xniffyx posted that link?).

But that's easy for me to say, having zero tattoos myself.
As I type this Carol is on her way to Zulu here in Los Angeles to consult with one of their artists on a full sleeve job

Carol stop! Don't do it!

I hope the pain is worth it and the meaning behind it is very spiritual and deep. The Iceman, afterall did has tattoos.

You know I remember seeing the pictures of the garter belt tattos from way back then but my eye sees more of what xniffyx mentioned.
When I violently conquer this world, someday, I will have lots of interesting lampshades.;)
welcome, niffy.

I like james' first suggestion for a tattoo (reclining man beneath flower smoking and drinking).

glad you made it to the forum.
you guys are funny.
I am going to have tattoo #12 (my buk tattoo) next week. Mine are all very special to me. My skin will get old and then some of my tattoos will be absolutely ridiculous (I have some very unusual tattoos...) but whatever--RIGHT NOW I am young and a tattoo is a whole experience that I don't think I will ever really regret--plus who can guarantee that I will live long enough to see them all sag, wrinkle and generally erode anyway.
I may be impulsive and young but rarely have I had any regrets...that being said, thank you for your concerns. :D

hey hoochmonkey,
I like that one too. mine is going on my bicep plus I got really attached to the drawing I found seeing as how its a man at a piano and when I found it I was rereading the short story "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin and Baldwin has this fantastic scene with two brothers in a club while one plays piano. The statements he makes about the difficulties of infusing a (seemingly) inanimate object with your voice and asking of this voiceless tool to "speak for you"...were striking for any "creator". Anyway, I agree--james' image is pretty fantastic though. I say you get it, HM... ;p
we can start a club of little doodle-y Buk men tattoos.

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