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Hello. :)

I'm kind of new to Bukowski's work (past couple of years or so) and I thought I'd join this forum, chinwag a bit with other Bukowski admirers. I read somewhere on the internet that Buk wasn't a very nice person so that kind of piqued my interest and an internet search later spawned some good times with Buk's books. I think there's a good fella under the tough hard drinking bar room duker persona.

I've read five of his novels except Pulp, I'll get around to that. And I have The Days Run Away... and The Last Night of the Earth Poems. Dinosauria, We is great, terrifying yet somehow comforting and hopeful (the Sun's still around awaiting the next chapter, as long as the Sun is still in good nick things'll be okay haha).

Anyway, I'm waffling a bit, what's the saying? A fool speaks because he has to say something, a wise man speaks because he has something to say, or something like that. I fear I might be the former. :DD

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