Hi, I'm Hannah

I'm new and this is the only forum I belong to, I feel so giddy, so young!
Like new meat at a party! Whooppee!
Thanks to Michael for the site and for the Bukowski email address option, fuck comcast.net, I'm a Bukowski girl.
i used to sell my script down in La Mesa, Bongobill.....bet you can find some fifty-centers, if a quarter of a quarter milligram can get you high!

Say hello to El Cajon for me, damn awful place.
i don't do pills too often
my drug of choice is weed
and i try to avoid el cajon
did alot of passing through to crest
working on one of the homes that burned down
in the last big flame
so you're from s.d. ?
what are you doing in texas ?
dallas of all places
bongo. how i came to be in dallas.

Well, it was this brilliant idea that came to me when I was happily dozing in the San Diego sunshine one day when I was 23.
I can't write when I'm sated and surrounded by gorgeousy stuff like mountains and ocean, so I came to the one place I knew I would fucking loathe, and its been SO productive that I just havent had the desire to ever leave.
I had been to Texas once when I was six, and in that brief week was molested by a man named Billy-Bob, hit with a frying pan for crying by my hosts old black cook named 'Me-maw' (her toothless husband Pah-Paw lived in the cornfield in a shack,) stung twice by scorpions (the second being retaliation by the scorpions spouse no doubt, bastards always come in two's) and been bit by a snake, which admittedly was my fault as I picked it up in the cornfield. I still pick up snakes if come across 'em, bad habits start early.

Now I'm a suburban housewife, older than my peers by 6-7 years and with younger children than my counter-parts and I'm doing my best(I like to tell myself) to subvert from within, and since I dont believe in bitching outloud I write, and I write and I write. My husband acts like I'm fucking someone named Bukowski, prefers not to hear his name, so I came looking through the ether net for you guys. Now that I'm happy, I've stopped writing again but it's worth it. Ya'all are so cute with yer Buk passions!
Rents cheap in Texas, too.
my sweet white, plump thighs

I sure can, Slimey, just to see you gape at my thighs which I can promise you are more thickly covered in hair than yours are, pretty boy.;)
I sure can, Slimey, just to see you gape at my thighs which I can promise you are more thickly covered in hair than yours are, pretty boy.;)
Gee, a few things Id like to say, (1) I didn't post this!!!I drink a bit but not that much??
(2) The publisher of the local rock mag I write for calls me Slimey.
(3) I'm a happily married 50 year old but one of my favorite ladies is a 19 year old Hannah.
(4) Hannah spelled backward is hannaH.
I too, am now in love with Slimedogger.
Let's make of him a guru, a secular holiday perhaps, I need a good 50 year old happily married man in my life that I can call........dad, perhaps?
Ah, like the daughter I never had. I love each and everyone of you and remember though god is love, dog is ten times better.


hey guys....I'm not an intellecual I have never read an entire book and I love watching cops/dog the bounty hunter/ and the aprentice.Though I attended UCLA I learned nothing.....just how to cheat/do drugs/fuck/and fuck while on drugs....all the while I was cheating. I need to be stimulated in some capacity so I chose to come over here and check it out...in hopes of having conversation that has some semblence of smarts attatched to it.


It is what it is
Hmmmm... never read an entire book and posts like a machine gun.... remind you of anyone?
Hello Han,

I saw my first movie, "Factotum", based on Charles Bukowsi writings. I am highly creative having several inventions that made for me a little money. I suffered similar experiences of Charles on the way to relative riches. I immediately identified with Charles and longed for the girls he loved to love. Where are those like-in-kind girls today. I need one.


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Well roadragermovemove posts from Los Angeles, so I didn't think it was futureactor, but it could be. Maybe he made good on his threat to move out here.

roadragermovemove is replying to all of futureactor's posts, which is not very bright if they are one in the same. In fact now I think they are. And probably theog too.


Hey guys!!! I think we can pretty much ALL agree that there truly is nothing worse than to be compared to another individual. I'd appriciate it if you so called, "non-judgemental artsie types" could be a little more open-minded, and give me a chance before my character is defaimed.

Here's who I am: I was born in CHILE and moved to MIAMI when I was 10...From there we moved to La Jolla (San Diego) until I was 12. Then it was off to San Francisco until age 18 when I then traveled for 3 years(South America) and returned to go to UCLA. I live in LA now.

My major points of interest are MARTIAL ARTS/BUDDHISM/MOTOR BIKES/SURFING/INVENTING (both industrial and recreational equipment ranging from sport to science).

I don't read much by way of literary works. As far as scientific anaylsis and market management text is concerned I read a great deal. I have a difficult time adhearing to sociological norms and I am oppositional-defiant by nature. Hence the reasoning behind finding other avenues by witch I can express and release my innermost energies (deamons). Ie: (points of interest)

I consider myself to be a bit of an enegmatic figure, I have been told by my best friends that I am avant-gaurd(i think that's how it's spelled) and certainly not someone that has ever found the easy way out.

My idiols in life are: #1 Mother Theresa, #2 Leonardo Da Vinci, #3 Jay-z #4Donald Trump, #5 Anyone who has the gumption,foresight, and irreverant qualities of a leader and innovator.

I connect with the broken and discarded peices in life, I have a strong sence of self yet struggle with internal peace everyday. My CD player probably explains this. (NIN,FRANK SINATRA,FAITHLESS,SIGU ROSS,MARYLIN MANSON). OK so there you go. Have a blessed day may all be as you so desire.

"There is no justice at the bottom of a bottle nor at the top of the Mountain all is forgone when one wakes in his mothers arms."--me i wrote it.just now.


I'll let someone else take up the cause on this.

Apparently this is the "pub" atmosphere that some members are looking for? Postings about what we did last night and poetic rants posted machine-gun style.

me, me, me....



It's quite apparent that you certainly are a judgemental personality. I would like to know something, as an intelligent person such as yourself, why do you find life to be so pleasent? By all accounts you seem be a sour individual with much focus on the constant degredation of all that is beautiful in this world...it's called PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! I'm a sensative man who sees the beauty in anything yet you are testing my process by your ignorant statements. Notice I had stated my interests as Martial Arts (KUNG FU) Buddhism (Daishonin's) surfing....these are ALL either a displine/study,religion/study,or sport recreation. ALL share many things in common they are ALL based in oneness and humility. GET IT RIGHT!!!

To call me self important, is to call yourself a mal-content. BTW have a blessed day and may all be as you so desire.


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speaking as a "non-judgemental artsy type", what are your thoughts on Bukowski?


It's quite apparent that you certainly are a judgemental personality. To call me self important, is to call yourself a mal-content.
I'm not sure who this was directed at... I don't see where anyone called you "self-important", so trying to figure out who your post is directed at is difficult. If you were referring to the "me, me, me", comment then argue that. Every post that you have left us on this forum has been about what you like, what you are doing, what is on your mind at that very second.

I'm not judgemental at all. I know that this forum has many, many different people. Then there are some people that have never read a poem or story by Bukowski and want to talk about how they are drunk. These types usually will try to steer all threads as far away from the topic as possible, always in the direction of us talking about THEM. How they are drunk, how they got laid last night, how they want to be an actoir, how they are having computer problems, how they have acne...

This forum is not only for intellectuals only(I am not an intellectual), but having some interest in Bukowski might help....



speaking as a "non-judgemental artsy type", what are your thoughts on Bukowski?
As far as BUKOWSKI is concerned I amdmire him for his determinaton and his irreverant nature. The man continued his craft in the face of what was ailing him most. Instead of being completely consumed by the "system" he continued to be prolific and whats more amazing is that he was disaplined....I believe he is quoted as saying he hated himself if he didn't write.

He is not an important figure in the history of American literature because I don't feel he really changed anything. However, he certainly serves as an inspiration to many.


BTW wasn't BUKOWSKI a bit of a, as you like to put it, "shot gun" type of guy. I find it ironic that you enjoy the writing of BUKOWSKI yet show little patience for those who share some of the same characteristics. Surley you can see the irony in that.