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Hello and Salute! Bonjour, Hej, and Aloha!

I am a 20 year old mad, guitar picking, freak from austria!
(anybody else from here?)

I'm going to tell you something:

1) Music taste:

the old stuff, black sabbath, motärhead, Led Zeppelin,
but also Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nick Drake, Dirty Three, 16 Horsepower, Slim Cessna's Auto Club + Jay Munly, Woven Hand, Reverend Glasseye, Black Label Society.

2) Writings/art:
(In No Particular Order)
Bukowski, Hemingway,Kerouac, Ginsberg, Boyle, Kafka, Goethe, HERMANN HESSE...Paintings from: Dalí, Van Gogh,

any Questions left?

Please be nice ;)
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If you like Dali, check out: Hieronymus Bosch - doing shit in the 1400s, spent some time in the can for it; the man who started surrealism before there was a term for it.
Birthday is really great. One of the things that I really like about listening to Nick cave is that you can start with Boys Next Door, to Birthday Party and to the Bad Seeds and see how he grew over those 30 years. He certainly did not let his style get stale. Hell, even the Jesus stuff is good, and I'm not in the least religious.


p.s. MUTINY is the best Birthday Party CD in my opinion...
Welcome EuropeYankee. You appear to have all around good taste. Somewhere around this forum is a thread about favorite guitarists. You might be interested.:cool:
Funny, I was about to recommend Boys Next Door!
I actually located a copy on vinyl awhile back for a decent price.

Mutiny would definitely be my favorite, as well, out of all Birthday albums.
With lyrics like this, you can't go wrong:

"Well, ah tied on...percht on mah bed ah was...
sticken a needle in mah arm...
Ah tied off! Fuckin' wings burst out mah back"

Bill, have you read "And The Ass Saw The Angel"?
If not, it is well worth the read!
Welcome EU Yankee! The dog will be nice( you started this thread so you did good ) no nipping at your heels. I have never been to Austria but my Grandparents brought some great stuff back at the end of WWII. Maybe it was some of your inheritance. Sorry.
With lyrics like this, you can't go wrong:

Magic Stallion,

We are like brothers. Yes, those are the greatest lyrics. Nothing like being junksick to really inspire. That song is really disturbing with the wailing and all. Beautiful, really.

[This video is unavailable.]

Yes, I have read "And the Ass Saw the Angel" three times. It is a great book, but takes a bit to get used to as he writes with a southern accent. In short, it is the story of a Southern deaf mute named Eucrid Eucrow whose twin brother dies at birth and whose mother is an alcoholic prostitute. A most disturbing book. Well worth getting. it was out of print for a while, but is not back in print. I even heard that he was working on a new novel, so we'll see.


p.s. I know that this song may not be to everyone's taste. Then there is this [This video is unavailable.]
i know the birthday party...great sick shit...thats right you can choose from the heroine driven years of nick (boys next door until, i think, from her to eternety..., his tearjerking Boatman's call and then his grinderman project and now... mhh... i don't like Dig Lazarus Dig...
i also read the book in german, and english...mostly disgusting and disturbing... and this guy call bukowski a jerk???

@Gerard K H Love... thank you ;) want a cookie?
Cheers, EuropeYankee.

I'm from Salzburg too. People who like guitars and Bukowski are the ones I like.

You'll love it here. This place is a miracle.
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Yeah, Salzburg Stadt. Do you like it in Saalfelden? It's nice, isn't it? Haven't been there since I was a child and can't trust my memories.
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yeah a pretty quiet village ;)

nobody bothers me if i drink some whisky and read a new bukowski novel at the "ratplatz-kaffee" at 3 p.m.#

do you know the brandlhof btw?
No, don't know the Brandlhof, but probably lots of other hotels of that sort. I used to work there too.
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