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Am I missing something or is this a typo? If the latter, the answer is: okay, considering the state of reality and all.

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Its a typo SD. I'm new too. I'm tired of the technocrats. I am reading WOMEN for the first time in 10 years and am invigorated like a newborn. I ROARED LIKE A MADMAN........
I can hear that (pun unintended?and intended). WOMEN, yes, I just re-read that a few months ago and again marveled at the incredible ?rightness? of his language. I believe he was at his highest level of creativity when he wrote WOMEN. For all the bluster and swaggering he did, he was hiding a secret romantic soul. And nobody can pack as much punch into a sentence using a natural, limited, simple vocabulary of the streets. And he?s the funniest bastard that ever wrote in the english language. Roar on, and good on ya (as we say in Australia).

SamDusky said:
And he's the funniest bastard that ever wrote in the english language.
I would have to put Hunter Thompson and Mark Twain in that category too. A lot of people can recognize the humor in the writing of those three, but I think you have to be a little fucked up to truly enjoy and appreciate it. ;)
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Hunter Thompson and Mark Twain; yes, two of the other finest. Without these masters of cynicism and humanity goading the world on into waking up and seeing the incredible, ghastly shit for what it truly is; this place called reality would be much more screwed-up than what we see; at least in my little corner of the town. Hail the god-damned critics of life! (OK, I?m a little exuberant this morning).


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