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I used to have an account on here a long, long ass time ago. I forgot what my screen name was, what password I used, and even what email I was fucking with at that time. I’ve popped in every few years since then to poke around on the site for a few minutes here and there. The look of the forums always seem to be changing. Last time I was here you were all sporting those retarded SOA patches. Who the fuck came up with that idea? Fucker should be kicked in the nuts.
Anyway, I’m about to pop a Jolly Rancher into my mouth (a green apple one) continue browsing through the threads on here until I get bored of the shit and maybe jack off a little.
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Welcome back! It's odd you posted because I was just thinking "hmm...this place could use some livening up. I hope some old angry dickhead will show back up to show us how to lay it out Bukowski style." And suddenly here you are! Like something pouring out the asshole of a dewy-eyed unicorn. Please, please stay around and post often!
Yes!!! Ha! Thank you for the detective work. Wow, a lot has happened since then. I live in San Francisco now...but miss the fuck out of LA...this place just isn’t home. I’ve got two kids, married. And get this, I’m a fucking letter carrier up here at a local post office. Weird shit.


I had just quit my previous job a few months before cause it sucked dick. I was sort of looking for a job, cause my wife was hassling me, but I didn’t know what kind of job to shoot for, my work history is spotty, at best. Then one day while rereading Post Office, I get a little postcard/flyer thing in the mail from the post office informing me that they are hiring letter carriers. It was like some sort of a sign, straight from Satan’s sweaty asshole, so I went to some seminar thing that they held to give us some pointers on the hiring process and all that, took the exam, went to the interviews and shit. Then before I knew it. I’m on the street with peoples checks and stuff. The job is brutal, the hours are long, and the supervisors are psychotic...but it’s a job. Stressful. But it’ll have to do until some other sign comes along and I can hop onto something less soul crushing.

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