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Just to say hello to all of you. I'm a fan of Bukowski's art from Serbia, and a collector of his works as well, in my mother tongue and in English, because no translation can be as good as an original. I had no time to drop by before, but now I'm here and I'm thrilled that I could read a lot of new interesting things I did not know about my favorite writer.
Welcome, Joe76! Which books of Buk's have been published in Serbia?
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Post office, Hot water music, Women, The notes of a dirty old man, Ham on Rye, South of no north, Pulp, Bukowski's diary, Shakespeare never did this, a ton of poems and short stories etc. If I look at my collection, probably some more titles will appear.
Thanks , people, we'll have a great time here, I'm sure.
Talk to you soon.
? about Bukowski books in Serbian... Are they in the cyrillic serbian? just wondering... (thinking of a gift now..) OOO..... there's a headache for my brain waiting to happen.... :D
Of all the books I have, not a single one is in cyrillic serbian, but in latin . The last and the newest are Pesme (Poems) 1, 2, 3, 4, and Tako mrtvi vole (selected stories), published by LOM, and selected, edited and translated by Flavio Rigonat. Check out the covers I put on the forum about Buk`s editions in foreign languages.

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