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I'm a cocain addict but I'm a nice person.
If I make mistakes, it's because I'm french (and maybe a little because I'm a cocain addict) but I don't read with mistakes. I'm good at reading. I read pretty good.... in fact.
I live in Montreal and I'm a girl. a really young girl.... young and tasty little girl.
Hi to everyone who all seem to be nice people because we share something that makes us nice people.
welcome to the forum.
montreal is one of my favourite cities.
what Bukowski have you read?
notes of a dirty old man, Post Office, Run with the Hunted, South of No North, Factotum, Love is a Dog from Hell, Women, Ham on Rye, Septuagenarian Stew, Last Night of the Earth Poems, Pulp, People look like flowers at last, come on in.. more more

I don't like montreal that much propably because I'm living it but thank you for the nice comment, rapid comment, let's say, I was impressed.
He probably would have fucked me since he liked heels and tight asses
then we might have to merge this thread and the one started by Jurgen together.

I don't know. It seems odd for a young lady to come into a forum and talk about how young she is and how tight her ass is.

Hell, maybe I'm wrong, but part of me thinks that cocain666 might actually be named "Earl".

"Young and tasty little girl" did it for me.

I could be wrong and apologize if I am, but it strikes me as odd.

Welcome Cokey. When you wrote, "If I make mistakes, it's because I'm french", I thought to myself, "Fuck! The American neocons would have a field day with a comment like THAT!"

But then I saw you're French Canadian. Not France French. Being French Canadian confuses the moronic right wingers in the U.S. who think it's a good idea to change the name of a certain foodstuffs to 'Freedom Fries' just because a country refused to think the U.S.'s illegal occupation of another country was a real bad idea.

And as for the cocain(e), which form of it do you indulge in? Powder? Crack? Freebase? Speedball?

Personally, I think there's a lot better things to be addicted to, such as opiates, but everyones got their own vice of choice, right?

Did I say 'Welcome?' (looks upward) Yep. I did.
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