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So, I've finally gotten around to reading Pulp but for professional, not personal enjoyment reasons: I'm citing it in an essay for Pop Matters deconstructing some French lit theory (chiefly, Barthes' Death of the Author theory).

Found this hilarious sentence in Chapter Four:

"The pilots of airliners (are) crazy. Never look at the pilot. Just get on board and order drinks."
There are many more. I found Pulp to be his best written work. It compares to a Roberto Durans style of boxing: After twelfth round he's as fresh as after the first!


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i'd be interested in what you have to say about barthes (and how bukowski relates...). barthes is one of my favorite theorists, and one of the only ones i go back to and still read after having left grad school.
conversation between Lady Death and Nick Belane (Death talks first):

"...I'm not in love with you."
- "But you always seem to be hanging around me, Lady."
- "I hang around everybody, Nick, you are just more aware of me."
- "Yeah. Yeah."
LMAO i just finished it yesterday and i recall that line.
although that by no means beats the part where he's talking to the phone sex line girl
I had to put my reading of "Pulp" aside momentarily to concentrate on research for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Nabokov's "Lolita" (August) but so far I have found the book to be nothing more or less than a witty and almost never sullen meditation by the author upon his own impending passing. On that level alone, "Pulp" is rather unique.

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