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hi everyone

does any one know the type of typewriter bukowski used? I want to get a friend one for his wedding present as he is a massive fan and collects first editions so i thought an old typewriter would be a nice present. Not sure if his wife to be will be very impressed!

Thanks in advance
mjp is being far too modest.
He actually designed this feature and had it remotely installed on the computers of bukowsi.net users.
It's free of charge, of course, because he is a beautiful human being.

Hey, mjp.....

Can I borrow twenty bucks?

This may be on a previous post apologies if thats the case: where is Bukowski's last typewriter now?
Does anyone know where any of his typewriters are located?
The last manual he used (Olympia?), the IBM Selectric and the Macintosh computer are in his house in San Pedro.

He had to pull the previous typewriter out of the closet occasionally...when the IBM Selectric was in the shop, he would use the Olympia. Later, when the Macintosh was in the shop, he'd use the IBM Selectric.
I used an IBM Selectric at work years ago. I was a beautiful machine. They had a changeable font ball and you could swap out fonts. Probably the best typerwriter I ever used, and then along came the word processor/desktop computer and they junked all the typers at work. If I recall, the Selectric was a very expensive machine in its day. I used it to set type for my chapbooks back then. You know, doing personal stuff at work on my lunch hours. Strictly against the rules to use office equipment that way, but hell, it was for art's sake.
The Selectric is a great machine! I also used one from my job to type up personal things, but I would lug it to my apartment (through the back alley and across the street) for the weekend, then return it before anyone got in on Monday. ;) Heavy bastards, those Selectrics.
mjp: you got guts. I never would have had the nerve to take it out of the building. And it was heavy. Built like a tank. You're making me feel like an amature.
as i recall, didn't Linda King launched one of his typewriters?

i've just looked at the timeline:

he met King 1970. he's using an Underwood. in '71 he switches from the Underwood to a Royal. King precipitates the switch?
Among his various typerwriters and fonts,
he has used Andale Mono, Palatino, and
Times, among others, keeping in mind
that these fonts can vary slightly from one
brand of typewriter to another. These
fonts are loaded on most computers. To
make a computer printout look more like
a vintage manuscript font, try "Another
Typewriter." Very cool.

His typer... the one he used to pound out
"Burning In Water, Drowning In Flames"...
is the only treasure I would personally feel
worth seeing in a "museam". Tap, tap, tap...
one stroke at a time... out comes the
masterpiece on something that now seems
as antiquated and cumbersome as a dinosaur.
Yeah... that would inspire some awe!

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