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Ah, the Steve Hoffman forums! A thousand posts about a recording studio, ruminating on the differences between the sound of the reverb on two versions of the same recording. That sounds about right.

That must be exactly what this place looks like to anyone who mistakenly comes in looking for pictures of amputees peeing on doormats to jerk off to. Or for some information about Barfly.
ha! i would've been surprised if you didn't know that forum.

i'd never heard of it, found it while googling gould.
There are a lot of really knowledgeable people on there. Along with the other 99% who mistakenly believe they are really knowledgeable.

It's a treasure trove of useless information, for sure, but you kind of have to devote your life to it to get into the rhythm of it. I drop in for a few days a couple times a year, and even that little amount of time there leaves me exhausted.

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