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Wasn't the Bukowski line "Kid Stardust on the Porterhouse", or am I delusional? Anyone remember what work he uses "Kid Stardust" in?
Well, Erections... became The Most Beautiful Woman... and Tales... in 1983.

Anyway, Kid, since you are an aspiring writer, I would offer you that Buk's line was:

"...that's why there's all those gaps in my employment records." I realize that your response was off the cuff, and certainly conveyed the gist of what Buk wrote, but compare that to what you wrote:

"that's why there's so many breaks in my work record."

See the difference?

I would add this, too: the use of the word "work" vs. "employment" record is critical. Buk may well have intended the reader to get the point that he was interested in being employed more than he was working in the menial jobs. He needed employment, but certainly didn't care about the work there. Only at the typer did he really care about "work."

I'm not trying to be a literal bastard here; no. A single word change can turn a diamond into a lump of coal, and vice versa. By the way, I'm a lousy writer, but I do have a position on certain things. Over and out...

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