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Hey everyone. Great forum. I've been reading a lot since I found it a couple weeks ago.

So, how I got into Bukowski. I read Post Office about 1o years ago and my younger self just didn't get it. Didn't read any Buk until 10 years later after going to a Bukowski exhibit at the Huntington Library in Pasadena 2 months ago. By the way, that exhibit is running through mid-February, I believe, if anyone is in SoCal. His wife donated a bunch of stuff for the exhibit and it's really great.

So I got curious and decided to give his work another shot. I'm obsessed now. I've read all his novels except for Women, which isn't available at my library right now. I read Notes of a Dirty Old Man, The Continual Condition, and Come On In!

I never thought that I was capable of enjoying poetry, but holy shit, his poems are incredible. That's it for now. I've seen some great topics on this forum and I need something to do in between reading books, so that's why I joined.
Welcome aboard, Steakneggs! If you're into Bukowski, you've come to the right place.
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Welcome. A late friend of mine use to use Steak-n-eggs as code for cocaine. Yes he died 6 years ago from complications from drug and alcohol abuse.
Steak and eggs are two of the main ingredients of the breakfast of champions.
Thanks everybody. The Huntington exhibit is definitely worth checking out if you can.

Gerard- that is really awful that your friend died. I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, I never had an interest in poetry until I stumbled upon Bukowski, which wasn't bad until I started to collect his work. Now I'm broke. But welcome!

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