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  1. da tara wins

    38 : 1

    bukowski wins.cause of the long shot.
  2. Buk was a 50:1 long shot.

  3. Big Brown just didn't have it today. Dersormeaux said at the top of the final stretch he could tell BB didn't have his usual "second gear", so he pulled him up. 9th place finish out of 9. Too bad - I was psyched up to see some history made today. :(

    Da' Tara "wired the field" (led the entire race and won).
    In honor of the post position he started from, how 'bout a little Buk poem :

    No. 6

    I'll settle for the 6 horse
    on a rainy afternoon
    a paper cup of coffee
    in my hand
    a little way to go,
    the wind twirling out
    small wrens from
    the upper grandstand roof,
    the jocks coming out
    for a middle race
    and the easy rain making
    at once
    almost alike,
    the horses at peace with
    each other
    before the drunken war
    and I am under the grandstand
    feeling for
    settling for coffee,
    then the horses walk by
    taking their little men
    it is funeral and graceful
    and glad
    like the opening
    of flowers.
  4. What's so god-damned lovely about Buk's racetrack poems is the peace with with he delivers them. He may still bury an elbow or two into a soft gut of a hanger-on, but the silence and satisfaction with which he spills it out is just plain beautiful. Just beautiful.
  5. Affirmed.
  6. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    In another thread about something else, ROC was proud when he wrote, "I am an expert". Well truly we have many experts here and I can see that.

    As they say in Mississippi "We thank all y'all.

    Great poem the first couple of times I read it, now, made even better.
  7. it may sound odd, but reading some of Buk's wisdoms on horseracing and betting on horses, helped me a Lot in getting successful at the stock exchange.
  8. Affirmed was the last triple crown winner.
    this is wierd.
    and in seventy seven, triple crown winner, was
    didnt bukowski talk about seatle slew.
    HORSE a UFO to a ga. boy
  9. Or shoes to someone from Arkansas.

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