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We went to Dover Downs last weekend and had dinner. They horses were running so we sat and watched them for a couple races. Then I got it in my head to go place a bet. I had never bet on horses before.

I placed a $2 bet to win on the #2 horse and a $2 bet on the 2/8/3 trifecta. I looked like a pro when the horses actually came in 2/8/3. I sat there waiting to see the payout, knowing that the previous race paid out about $250. Sadly, it was only $63. Still not bad for a $2 bet (Plus I looked pretty cool to my wife and her friends). Of course, the next race (which I did not hit the trifecta) paid over $3000...

That's great, Bill! Maybe you picked up some ideas about horse racing reading Buk...;)
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Would Dover Downs have been your dinner destination even without live racing ? A lot of people say Hawthorne Downs and Arlington Park (and lots of other tracks) have terrific dining rooms and banquet service. It stands to reason, since the racing business itself needs to attract as many customers as possible these days...
Buffets are big in Dover, as people here are more concerned with eating a lot of food than eating really good food. That being said, the food was ok, but there was A LOT of it....

I know what you mean. I used to live in Peoria Illinois.
We thought we knew Chinese food thanks to LaChoy...

hey, that's even better than 25:1!
After your death they will say: "He played the horses and was very good at that."
I'm going to be father of the year and bring my kids to the horse races next weekend. It seems that they run every day, but Friday!

Of course, you see the poor kids there whose parents drag them there every day while they piss away their paychecks. I thought that it would be fun for them to see and I'll put a few bets in for them (that I let them pick). Plus, we'll only stay a few hours until they get bored.

I did place a bet that was hovering at 25 to 1. I thought that it would have to hit, if it stayed there. It went out at 22 to one and I lost....

I have watched Greyhound Racing a couple of times at Gt. Yarmouth and once in Walthamstow (if you are a fan of 90's britpoppers blur you may recognize this place from the parklife album cover) but never the horses. Reading this thread gives me the itch to rather then waste my money on scratchcards to go out get a bit of fresh air and watch the horses
yo bos!
They'll have fun out there.
Show 'em some Buk-pics at the tracks before you go or play them some racing poems from one of his readings to get into the right mood...
Hey Father of the Year. Easy with the early introduction into gambling.
This was heard at a support group meeting:
Hi! My name is John and I have a gambling promblem. I remember going to the horse track with my dad and my brother when I was 7 years old and he use to let us pick horses. My first pick won and I was hooked.
Seriously, it's a good thing you are spending time with your kids. I have always loved horses which are one of the more beautiful animals in this world. There's more good at the horse track for young kids than, let's say NASCAR. Race anouncers are easier on their young ears than the loud cars.
I hear you. That is always a danger, but with the loud ring of the slots and the lights, I can see that being a faster addiction and one that you lose much more money on.

Yes Bill;
My post was rude, you did paint a picture many of us yearn for, quality time with our dad. The slot machines play thre musical notes that are said to make people feel good or makes you want to play them more. I'm sure someone on here will correct me, they are C G and E. -forum experts please chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. I love the sound of a Las Vegas casino Yeah Baby!
The slot machines play thre musical notes that are said to make people feel good or makes you want to play them more.
It wouldn't surprise me if the slot-machine designers did that. I'm sure they at least avoided "unpleasant" intervals, like flatted 5ths or whatever.

The notes C E and G - played together in that order from low to high - forms the C Major triad, the most WASP-ish, milk and cookie, feel-good chord ever, in this musician's opinion.
In this musician's opinon, the one and the flatted 5th, or #11 depending on scale, is one of the most beautiful intervals ever.

That said, it wouldn't surprise me to know that a C triad is being drilled into our brains in Vegas. Of course, a B would complete the C MAJ7th chord, and would make things even more relaxing. Got married there last August. My brain wasn't all that got drilled. :D
(snare hit) Hey now !!! :>)
How about the purple one there ladies and gentlemen - give him a hand.
Top comic in Las Vegas ! :)

In fact, the jazz vocabulary would be hurting if not for the flat-5's and non-traditional intervals. The kind of intervals that skip theory class to go smoke in the parking lot. Flatted 5ths and Augmented 5ths and melodic minor scales like Joe Henderson (and many others) use.

The trick is to compose a score for a Vegas wedding, I think.
Thank you number6horse and PurpleStickpin.
Right now Mr. Roberts is at the track with his kids. I wish him great luck. Everytime I went to the track I paid their feed bill. I had a good time.
yeah. Did not make it to the track this weekend. Maybe next...

Of course, Horton Hears a Who is playing at the drive in movie theater.... Gotta go see that one.

I could never figure out the betting end of it at the horse and dog tracks, but would go primarily for the drinking and the scene in the lounges. Lot's of cigars, pinky rings and gold jewelry. Toupee's were also very much in fashion up there in the clubhouse.

This pre-dates the days of hair implants and Native American "gaming", where now the players arrive dressed in pajamas for chrissake! No more full length camel hair coats and foot long Maduros stepping out of 105" wheelbased Coupe de Ville's.

Always some good material to be had at the track.
Jesus Bill, you didn't tell me there was a track near you! Next time I'm in Dover we gotta go there, if only for the opportunity to dump $20 on longshots & have Lady Babineaux snap a few photos of us looking like a couple of toughs!
The track is less than 2 miles from the house and the horses run every day, but Friday.

Book a flight for you and Chastity. My kids miss you guys. Me too, of course!

We're trying my man--long stretch between paid days off...& you know me, I can't save up vacation hours--soon as I get 'em I burn 'em. But we're really trying to make it happen! Tussle (tossle?) the kids' hair from me!

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