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zoom man

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Has anyone bought from this seller before?
Is it someone on this forum?

Wonder what the Reserve is?,
I would love to have my hands on this book,
And like I've stupidly admitted, I have starved for days before
Affording titles,
But this would equal starving to death,
And right now,
I'm liking being here
Amen to cirerita's comment! My collection contains very few Montfort books. I refuse to pay the outrageous ransom on these fairly ordinary looking books. It seems Montfort took the same types of photo over and over. Bukowski once made a comment that Montfort's pics lacked originality and I agree.

there's a very interesting unpublished letter in the "Unpublished & Uncollected" forum where Bukowski puts Montfort pictures down. You may want to read it!

Horsemeat is expensive, yes, but The Wedding is daylight robbery allright :D
There is a nice little German language paperback version of Horsemeat that reprints all of the photos. The text is all in German, but if it's the pictures you're after, look for Pferdefleisch from Goldmann books.
cirerita said:
when I was at the UCSB I copied the intro. I think it's the best part of the book :D
If that's the best part, let us read it, man. All I've got is the German. ;)
when I said it's the best part I obviously meant it was written by B, while the pictures were taken by Montfort. We don't want to make comparisons here, do we?

Actually, I can't recall if the intro is any good. I'll take a look at it and I'll upload it if it's worth my precious time :D
I'm planning on posting a HB copy of Horsemeat (The German edition) this Sunday. I'm selling it for a friend, as a favor. I have a copy of this title already and it is a good item and much less painful than paying $700 for the Black Sparrow edition. I'll announce when it is up for auction. I'm starting the bidding low.


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