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buk babe. Good luck on the Horsemeat, and that signed Harrison item. That's rough, having to sell those. My heart goes out to you.


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I know what its like. I shed many tears when I had to part with most of my Black Sparrow Hardcover collection. I still havent been the same. I look at my bookshelf and crack a smile though, because I know they all went to very good homes with owners that will cherish them and appreciate them just as much as I did.


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I've got a couple items I'm thinking about selling... but... I don't have to yet so I won't. But I did part with a Hunter Thompson piece a month ago. I don't miss it yet, but I figure I will a few months down the line... ah well.


Usually wrong.
What's lousy is that if you decide to replace it later, it's probably going to have gone up in value. Sell cheap, buy high. That's been my business model.
someone has told me that someone from ABE BOOKS set horsemeat at 1200 on ebay and it did not sell. i have a feeling mine will not sell either. if it doesn't, it doesn't
the horsemeat will be re-listed tonight at a reduced rate.
i could tell there was some interest by the number of folks watching it. near the end there were 14 people watching it, but that may have just been curiosity.
if it does not sell at this price, i will just keep it for now.
It sure is worth 1200.-
But it's not the times to get this.
So - you'll be doing right Keeping it. (at least for now.)
well, i guess you are right. seems like when you need the money, everyone else needs to hold onto their money too.
timing is everything isn't it?
and these seem to be bad times
... there will come the time, when you'll be glad, you did NOT sell it.
You can only sell once.

(when that moment comes, I'd be glad to hear from you about it, baby.)

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