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Hosho and his wife Tina and son Brody just left. Fine people. Hosho and I recorded what's meant to be a podcast, but we were two-thirds into a bottle of Four Roses, so I don't know how much of it will be usable.
The remaining third, you mean ? I'll do my best to find a use.
It's true -- I am a living witness to chirpwatch2015...with not one but 2 different fire alarms chirping at MJP's neighbor's house. It was terrific.

As for the Four Roses...I feel like, had we truly applied ourselves, we could've finished it all...but no way to know where that would've ended. Perhaps at bailwatch2015. As it stands it was a lovely visit, and MJP & Carol are both kind and gracious to allow us behind the curtain for an evening. Their dog was, I think, very happy to see us go!

As for the potential podcast -- well, once again I've learned that the most interesting conversation of the evening was happening in the other room. Coincidence? I think not...
Despite some technical difficulties (the living room lights are on a dimmer switch that causes a buzz in the recording - I usually turn them off, but Carol and Tina just met so they didn't want to talk in the dark) the conversation will go up in the next episode.

To give you some idea of what you're going to hear, Hosho talks in detail about two novels he has going, then about two minutes later I say, "So you're working on a second novel, tell me about that."

So you can see that it's not exactly going to be NPR-quality, this interview.
Well, I had myself a sneak-listen (is that what you'd call it?) of the podcast, and it lived up to all my expectations!

And now, an unauthorized preview of coming attractions: Japanese tentacle porn; MJP's mysterious middle name; long pauses while we take another shot of Four Roses; Abraham Lincoln jokes; and how we'd never get to Vlad. You all better have your woodscrews in!

(Provided, of course, that your expectations are pragmatically low...)
I just wrote up the description that I post with each episode and I didn't mention any of those things, which must mean we're on the right track.

An inebriated "interview" with author and artist Hosho McCreesh. Including discussion of telephones, Hot Pockets, the Guerilla Poetics Project, pre-established familiarity, Four Roses bourbon, apology and explanation, leaving your balls at Disneyland, buying fake purses in Juarez, all jobs are lousy, people who use typewriters are assholes, the shrinking world of the aging, binding books with Admiral Kurtz (a.k.a. Bill Roberts), writing running its course, being stuck on a tiny dust mote in a vast emptiness and lack of preparation.
For the record, I absolutely believed chirpwatch2015 was happening, and my enthusiasm to witness it for myself was simply to be one of the few on planet earth to see (hear) it all with my own eyes!

Thanks DaPrince, let's hope it goes there. That'd be pretty great.
Ah, memories...

The other thing I wanted to mention about the visit was how much I covet Carol's studio in general, and her paintbrush cabinet specifically. So damn cool! It's a couple weeks now and I'm still seeing it in my mind's eye!
yeah, i'm gonna get one of those cabinets too for my skull collection. from Ikea!

good podcast by the way. neither of you guys sound like i would have imagined.

whatever that means...
The first thing that comes to my mind thinking back .. is Hosho's use of the term 'boss' - not once, not three times ... but exactly twice. Goes to show what a weird listener I am. I was sitting on a stoop in Green Point, Brooklyn, my dad was in town and had rented an apartment there for a couple of weeks and I was visiting. It was a small apartment, and my dad is a pokey, probey, talkie kind of guy. It was late, the night after that supermoon eclipse thing that had Facebook so in a tizzy. And my dad was going to bed. I motioned that I was going outside for a smoke with my phone to listen in and he told me that "you'd be surprised how much sound travels, better bring your earphones." So I did. And there I was in Brooklyn on a stoop four hundred miles from home having a smoke while clouds drifted past that big old moon and I was listening to these guys from buknet trade twelves over four roses. Stupid as it sounds, I reckon I won't soon forget it. Well played fellas
The first thing that comes to my mind thinking back .. is Hosho's use of the term 'boss' - not once, not three times ... but exactly twice. Goes to show what a weird listener I am.

Or what a weird talker I am...

Enjoyed that kickass little slice of life you shared. Thanks for it, and for listening.

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