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Hello All

Many years ago I was lucky enough to buy a 1st edition hardback copy of Hot Water Music off the shelf of my local poetry bookshop.
When the Krumhansl Bibliography came out, I noticed something odd.

Krumhansl states of that 780 copies were published with a pink corduroy backstrip plus 30 copies with a black backstrip with a Paget Press imprint.

My copy is definitely a Black Sparrow first edition (K.80c) but has a black cloth backstrip.
Anyone else aware of this variant/error/whatever?
Anyone remotely interested? :o


I seem to remember that someone stated in one of the threads, that there are variants of the backstrip colors despite what Krumhansl says...
Yep, that is the case. The printer would run out of one color and just substitute another. I had a variant copy of "Love is a dog" a while back. I'm not sure if they are more valuable, but they are interesting...
I think they occasionally misjudged the amount of cloth backstrip they needed. According to the biblios, my copy of Dangling is suppose to have a blue speckled backstrip but apparently they ran out because it's maroon. You go to war with the army you have, right?

Bill, I wouldn't think this would have any effect on the value. I certainly wouldn't pay a premium for it.
Hi nymark,
I guess the only time that it would have an effect on the price, is if the color was an improvement or not. The example is the copy of "Hot Water Music". It usually comes in Pink. I would expect a black copy to sell for less as the black strips were usually reserved for later printings. Of course, if, instead of Pink, they used one that was blue with silver stars, I would expect that it would sell for more. I would pay a slight premium for that....

Buk on a Bike,
Is there a colophon page? Is the title page in color? What is the date on the title page (at the bottom)? It is also possible that this is a later printing from the same year. If so, then the black cloth strip would make complete sense. All best,
I think they occasionally misjudged the amount of cloth backstrip they needed.

I assumed the same thing, but it occured to me that they also might have had left-over sigs from the first printing that they bound with the second printing. Either way, as I think I've said elsewhere, I always considered these a bit more "special" than the regular trade binding, if only because there are very few of them in existence. I agree that they are probably not worth more $ because of it though.
It's got all the characteristics you mention, Bill. It's definitely a first edition - just un-numbered and un-signed.
I don't think the value would be effected one way or another.
Not to an educated buyer, in any case.
I was just curious about the discrepancy in Krumhansls bibliography.
If it is not uncommon for different backstrips to be used - that answers that.

I agree Chronic, it does seem more special - just for not being mentioned in the biblio.


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