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Hot Water Music w/ art (plus oil vs. acrylic paintings) (1 Viewer)

Sad to say, but the time has come to part with my most prized Bukowski book that I own, which I picked up from Scott 3 yrs ago.

Hot Water Music w/ art, numbered #21 out of 100.

CONDITION: FINE/FINE. No flaws whatsoever.

Price: $2,900

Shipping: Priority Mail w/ insurance, of course.

The painting is not a typical Bukowski abstract one, but looks like to me, to be of a junk sick devil man.
I took some pics, and uploaded them to my blogsite.


**In a few more days, I'll be listing this on eBay for a bit more**

....already regretting this.
I don't know what sucks more... the fact that you have to move it or the fact that you have to get rid of it... Good luck!
Probably. Scott bought and sold a lot of that stuff.

But Dr. Stallion, in the world of Bukowski books with paintings, his faces and people are the cream of the crop. Your price is right, but don't sell it for less (my apologies to anyone who is trying to talk him down right now).

You've got a little gem there - even if it looks like a red blob to some philistines - so hold out for what it's worth. The style and quality of the paintings in the books does make a difference in value. That might not be apparent now, but in the long run I believe you will start to see a difference in value based on the art.

Hey Stavrogin.
Thanks for the offer, but I need the $$$ straight out. I haven't had a chance to put it up on eBay as of yet, since a whole lotta weird shit has been goin' on here (wondering if there's an ex somewhere pushing pins in a voodoo doll of me)
However, it'll be up tonight in a few hrs or so.

btw, mjp, thanks for attaching the pic to the forum post. Me-computer-retarded when it comes to this crazy new technology.

Thought I would let the good folks here know that I've decided to hold onto the book, as well as my sanity.
Exercising good judgment and what's left of this 'ol gut feeling of mine, has never been top priority.
However, seeing that the book didn't sell on eBay, I took that as a sign, amongst other things, not to part w/ it.

So, thanks for allowing me to post it here.
Hope I didn't blue ball any prospective buyers lurking in the shadows.
Wise guy!

as I always use to say: the groceries you would pay from that money will be gone soon and then you have nothing left. Book gone, food gone, still poor. Now you have to look for the groceries at another place, but will HAVE the book.
good call MS - that's a primo painting.

how do his paintings hold up as far as his materials are concerned. flaking, fading, etc - anyone noticed any deterioration that way?

i've never seen one in the flesh so it's hard to tell from repro's.
mine's excellent.

I guess, since these are never used as reading-copies, they're not much exposed to potential damage through the years. If you buy such a thing you would keep it protected.
i was more thinking about the materials being archival and paint and paper being compatible.

are they done in acrylic?
They are done in acrylic, yes.

And oil paint, crayons, pen, watercolors, pencil, India ink, pastels, and probably some other stuff I've never seen. In other words, everything.

Same goes for the paper. Most of them are on some kind of thick art paper, but others are not. There is nothing consistent about them.
i remember reading that martin sent him all supplies and he would send back finished stuff for the books?

if he used oil on unprepared paper they'll eventually suffer some amount of deterioration, that's why i wondered if anyone
owning originals had noticed anything.
according to the PBA-catalog of the Groff-auction, my painting as well as Magic Stallion's is oil, not acrylic.
I find this a little bit surprising, considering how slow oil-paints are drying out (weeks!) and how many of them Buk had to lay out to dry at his place, but that's what they say.

The paint on my pic is fairly thick and thus shows the thin little fissures that we all know from medieval paintings too. Still everything is intact and nowhere the color had fallen off of the paper. (and of course no fading with oil anyway.)

Maybe later that night, I feel like photographing details of the painting and post them.
according to the PBA-catalog of the Groff-auction, my painting as well as Magic Stallion's is oil, not acrylic.
I find this a little bit surprising...
That might be incorrect. Oil paint on paper will almost always show a leaching of the oil into the paper, like these:

bukowskipainting034.jpg bukowskipainting002.jpg
So I'm pretty sure most of them are not oil. You don't often see that leaching/staining on the paintings. It's pretty unusual.

For what it's worth, Carol says ours is acrylic:

A lot of people might look at that thick paint and assume it's oil, but it's not.

Plus, I'm 99.99% sure Bukowski bought his own art supplies - I don't believe that Martin was out buying art supplies, boxing them up and mailing them to Bukowski. That makes no sense. He may have done it once, but what would be the point when Bukowski lived in Los Angeles, surrounded by giant art supply stores?

He certainly did use oil paint to do paintings. I'm just not sure many of those went into the books.

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