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Hot Water Music w/painting, more - auction this weekend

Discussion in 'Buy/sell/trade, want lists, eBay' started by Gabe Fajuri, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. A nice array of Bukowski and beat material is coming up for auction on Saturday at Potter & Potter in Chicago, including a deluxe edition of Hot Water Music with an original Bukwoski painting, signed books, advance copies, broadsides, and more. Here's a link to the lots online:


    There are also Henry Miller, R. Crumb, and other beat-related items in the sale.

    Gabe Fajuri
    Potter & Potter Auctions


  2. Pogue Mahone

    Pogue Mahone Officials say drugs may have played a part Redwood Original

    I have a dossier that indicates that 100 percent of sales from this auction will go to North Korean ICBM development. IM me with additional questions and (Not Fake News) facts...

  3. skiroomalum

    skiroomalum See that bank? Used to be a cigar store... Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Hey Gabe, what's the buyer shakedown (er, premium)? What's the over/under? 30%?
  4. 20% "buyer's premium" plus some other percentage as a "convenience fee" if you want to pay with a credit card. I don't remember exactly what it was, maybe 2.5%? Not a huge amount, but come on, man.

    That's a new one, a credit card tax. I haven't seen it at any other auction house before. Both of those fees are buried in the terms when you sign up, they aren't listed on the site.
  5. skiroomalum

    skiroomalum See that bank? Used to be a cigar store... Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Yeah, now we're supposed to pay their cc fees plus shipping, handling...
    Fuck that.
  6. There were some big prices realised at that auction.
  7. $922 for the ARC of Women was certainly high.

    But I thought the poster for the German reading was a steal, and $1599 for a book with a painting was also a steal (even if none of the paintings were great). $2214 and $2460 for the other books with paintings weren't particularly high prices. They were right about where they should be, seems to me.

    You could argue that $1230 for the 1963 scribble is high, but I'm not sure it is when you consider how few early Bukowski art works (scribbles or not) come on to the market.
  8. I thought the poster was very cool but didn't bid because my better half said "we have enough Bukowski on the walls" even though we only have three pieces and a large space. I did bid on the Women ARC and I thought my bid was about right even with the 25% fee but I did not win.

    What is the deal with these Saturday auctions? I'd much rather bid on my employer's time versus my own personal time.
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