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Hot Water Music w/Painting (1 Viewer)

You need money? OK. Ten bucks!

OK, OK, OK. Twenty. That'll get you a FULL tank of gas!

Best of luck with that, I know it'll be out of my league.

PS: Will that be a lettered, or a numbered copy? I want to know how much I can't spend... ;)
It cannot be "seen" until it goes live tomorrow on ebay at 10:00 am.

Ah, I didn't realize that you couldn't see the listing. The link works fine for me, but then I'm the seller.

It's this one (click on the photo to see the painting). Opening bid is $1500.00 w/free insured shipping in the US. Bid high and bid often. Please.
That is a brilliant combination of colors along with the concept of abstract and the human figure (buried, but either I'm hallucinating, or it's there). To think that sold for $50 in 1983. A sizeable sum in those days, but that really should command a nice sum nowadays. Good luck, Chronic. If I had any ability to bid on that, I sure would.
The only BSP from the year I was born. Had I the money, I'd be all over it. Thanks for the info, I'll commence drooling... now.
I like that painting too, though I'm sure it looks like dirt soup to a lot of people.

I still get "Invalid item" when I hit your link though, "This listing (200287801507) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number." Did you pull it?

[Der! I was still too early. There it is...]
Nice book, nice painting. Guess I should have been putting away copies for $50 each back in 1983. Let's see, back then I was ... working at the same job I'm at now. How's that for progress?
Yeah, that's truly a beautiful copy you got up for sale.
The painting looks like someone cradling a TV inside of a tiny room, with a crimson sun exploding outside.
Actually, the colors are quite therapeutic.

If it wasn't for the debt that I'm in now, I would be more than willing to jump right in.
I have a HWM w/painting that I got from Scott however.
Hence, the debt.

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