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Tried to search the forum and find a dedicated thread for this book, but, couldn't.
Reading this now.
Only 3 stories in.
What are some of your favorite?
Lets get some discussion going!!!
I'm not particularly a fan of those stories (sp. compared to the earlier 'Erections' and 'South/North'-stories.

But I do like some of the artwork, Hank has done for the limited editions of this title. One of my all-time-favs is his 'self-portrait behind bars'. (<- you can see it here)
Work and my life has been hectic lately. Really not reading as frequently as I'd like.
I cruised through Women in a few days, Post Office in a few days.
Been over a month on Hot Water Music.

I think, so far, I like more stories in Hot Water Music than I did in TMBWIT.

I really enjoy the short ones (I know, they're all technically short stories...but...the shorter ones) which end abruptly. Turkeyneck Morning and The Man Who Loved Elevators are some of my favorites.
hi! I would really like to talk about it, but first I would like to read it in English. You see, I'm Hungarian, and I've read it only in my language. I'm especially interested in 900 pounds. Do you have any idea, how could I read it online?
It's not online, but you can buy a cheap used copy on Ebay.
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The sadness of the whole post makes me want to be in it.
It's been a while since I've read the stories in Hot Water Music, but I've always considered it great cover to cover. "Strokes to Nowhere", "The Death of the Father", "Scum Grief" and a handful of others are pretty flawless little things.
I'm probably off (like I said, it's been a while) but I don't remember much overlapping material in this one either (meaning things I've read elsewhere before in a different book)
but let's really get into the deep shit...
the texture of the ecco paperback sleeve is like some sexy form of braille...
This is the third collection of Bukowski short stories I've read this year. Its more of the same old stuff - lots of hard drinking lazy men who get lucky with beautiful women all of whom are voluptuous. But there is some melancholy and bad luck lurking around the corner. However, there wasn't enough social commentary in this collection of stories. Bukowski does tear into Mailer and Camus. But Bukowski's unique insights into modern life and human nature are few and far between. I felt like some of the stories were too lightweight and small. But they are all very cleverly written with sharp and funny dialog and never fails to elicit a snigger.

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