How Black Sparrow got its name (1 Viewer)

Here's a great story about how the name Black Sparrow was chosen:

"To make a long story short, I admired Harry and Caresse Crosby's Black Sun Press which published such greats as James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Hart Crane, etc. in the 1920s. Elegant little books. So I took the "elite" color "Black" and married it to "Sparrow," since the sparrow is the most common and least-distinguished bird there is. In addition, it's almost impossible to eliminate a population of sparrows. They resist every attempt to eliminate them as pests.

W.C. Williams has a great poem about a sparrow that has been run over by an automobile lying in the dusty road. It's lying there, flattened, dried out, and yet somehow it's still "there," intact and recognizable for what it is, a sparrow.

So I married the elite color black with an unconquerable trash bird and what you get is"”a Black Sparrow."
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John Martin, obviously. Is there a back story to the back story, nymark? Where did you find it? When was the interview? etc.

And thanks !
Crows are my favorite bird. But I admire the sparrow for it's commonness and how they refuse to be in danger of extinction.

Cool little tidbit. Thanks, nymark.

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