how 'bout a subforum for suspected forgeries? (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
like: bidding on an autographed item? check here to see if its authenticity is being discussed...

that way, no one is accusing anyone, but there's a central place to discuss it. also, it will be easier to identify patterns (similar items, identical sigs, same seller locations, etc.) if all the topics are in one place.

also, in an unrelated note, don't you think a bookplate signed by mjp would be a good perk for premium members? it would be a really nice addition to my budding collection of bookplates.
I can send you a Bukowski bookplate with that too. And a Celine, a Dostoyevsky and a Fante. I got them all from reputable dealers.

But that's a good idea, because it does come up pretty regularly.
Yeah, that is indeed a great idea, Jordan! With all those questionable Buk signatures popping up like clockwork, it's almost a necessity...
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