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the only reason i wouldn't think this one is fake is because i've bought some buk stuff from this seller before(he seems alright) and i see him selling buk and other books very frequently. not that that makes the item in question real, but rather he seems like a reputable bookseller with a very solid feedback rating(100%). i dunno really, just my two cents :)

they do seem like they would be easy to fake...
Yes this is real. The seller is none other than Greg Smith of Mother Road Publications, publisher of Atom Mind and a book by a gentleman named mjp....

And, yes, they would be easy to fake. Still this seller would have something like this.

well that makes sense. i placed a bid earlier on a copy of atom mind that he was selling. and one of the poems(by buk) in the mag is "life of the king", which is his ebay name. how 'bout that....

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