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Hey guys, still new to all this stuff. Under your user name, how do you get quotes or anything to post there? I have spend 30minutes on my User CP trying to figure out how to get something in there, but only can seem to find how to change my location?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?
That's called a 'Custom User Title'. Most user accounts can't access that setting, but some of the more long standing members have that luxury.

In other words, you probably can't add one to your profile. If you could it would be in a section call 'Edit your details'.
Awww, I see...Well that would make sense and I guess I may have a couple thousand posts to go.

Thanks hank solo!
No, only 471 to go.

Charter members can use those, ex-supporting members, people with 500 or more posts, and those in another small group that you have to be invited into. Invitations to that group go out based on how well you cook tamales (I'll be the judge of that, and I live within a one mile radius of three great tamale joints, so yours will have to be very, very good), and whether Gerard K H Love's dogs like you.

And kudos to the last remaining supporting member, Purple Stickpin!
Please note, my little dog won't even let me pet him unless it's the end of the day after a long week. There are still no guarantees.

bottom line, don't be an asshole to anyone.

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