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Okay, everyone here is different, so I want to know how each of you prays to Obama.

Carol prays to him through eagles, because they are beautiful and patriotic. I have a slightly different personal relationship with Obama that is better served by praying through fluffy bunnies.

But I know there are people out there who pray to him through cell phones, stones, dishrags and all manner of whatnot. I also heard, on FOX News, that many people kneel down and face their beds and pray to him.

So, how do you pray to Obama?
I pray to him while he swats at flies with his 8 arms. Or is that Vishnu?

Really, though. You gotta love a president that swats and kills a fly in an interview and then picks it up with a napkin. I would think that they have someone at the White House for that...

I only pray to the baby Jesus.

you people are heathens and deserve the eternal damnation that is surely coming to you.

but if I did pray to Obama, I would use my vast collection of My Little Pony figurines.

I pray to him through spiders because he's a great fly killer. Perhaps he was a spider in a former life.
He's the greatest fly killer of all American Presidents and I'm sure he'll go down in history as such.
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I place my collection of black smurfs around the Bedtime for Democracy album by the Dead Kennedys and pray:"Obama! Obama! You rule more than Dalai Lama!". I repeat my prayer 80 times. Every morning.
I don't pray to him, I pray to Patrick Bucannan as I feel he represents more to me shat God looks and acts like.

I also pray to Jaime Pressley for other reasons.
drug binge followed by whipping myself across the skull with a short length of concertina wire.

this restores perspective, and allows for clear headed consideration of What's Right in the Grand Scheme.
I prayed to him while eating at Medici's restaurant in Chicago where the waitpersons have t-shirts emblazoned with "Obama Eats Here."
For Obama

And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Obama the things which be Obama's, and unto God the things which be God's. from Luke (Father Luke)20:25

The incident with the fly. The fly represents we the people who pester the great and powerful leader and like a fly he slaps us down just like the oppression his people have suffered for generations- Oh, that's right he's a first generation minority descendant of a family of slave sellers from the old country.

If I don't make sense have no fear Obama will make sense of it.;)

You know, I didn't see him wash his hands after he hit that shit eating fly.
You know, I didn't see him wash his hands after he hit that shit eating fly.

They have an official White House hand-washer (Soap Czar). This was a job that was created by the last administration. He was always worried about having REALLY clean hands in case he got a chance to shake hands with Jeebus.

I'm glad to see Caterofmars back.

"Our president wouldn't hurt a fly".........Well we can't say that now. Let that be a warning to the North Koreans.
He smacked that thing at lightning speed. Shows he has the ability to act quickly and decisively.

Guess I would make a lousy president. I usually catch flies and take them outside. Killing them makes me feel guilty. No way could I order a bombing on some other nation.
My wife hates that I catch and release spiders. I know that flies have a purpose in nature, but not in my house and not in my backyard. Spiders have a great purpose. A yard without spiders is a yard with many more insects.

Bill - I'm with you on the catch-and-release program for spiders, to an extent. But those big hairy ones that look like mini-tarantulas are just too creepy to deal with.

With anything other than a heavy boot and some paper towels, that is.
Plus Black Widows will kill you, so if you see the hourglass on the back, it is safer for your family to take 'em out like Obamaman.


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