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Could you guys please have a look at this and let me know if its ok.

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I believe it's the lettered edition of "Now". Why don't you mention the title?

Krumhansl: 128 NOW 1992

Colophon: [publisher's device] | Printed January 1992 | as a New Year's Greeting for | the friends of | the Black Sparrow Press. | 226 numbered copies | of this edition have been | handbound in boards & | numbered & signed | by the author

First edition, hardcover, numbered and signed issue:

Collation as a. 7 5/8 x 4 11/16 in. (19.4 x 11.9 cm.) Gratis. Bound in light gray paper covered boards. Covers printed same as a. Yellow endsheets. Text handsewn at center with white thread. Colophon as a.

200 signed copies numbered 1-200 were published 17 January 1992.

c. First edition, hardcover, lettered and signed issue:

Collation as a. Dimensions as b. Gratis. Binding as b. Colophon as a. Issued in a plain white paper dust wrapper.

31 signed copies were published 17 January 1992: 26 copies lettered A-Z plus 1 each marked "Author's Copy," "Publisher's Copy," "Printer's Copy," "Binder's Copy," and "File Copy."
It's real. No one has forged any NYG (yet - as far as I know), and that's definitely his crusty, end-of-life signature.

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