How good is "GetDataBack" for HDD-recovery? (1 Viewer)

A week before Christmas, my external HDD crashed; it is my working-drive, all I am working on, is there (e.g. Bukowski-yearbooks).

I've already made a safety-image of the crashed drive (in DD-format).
Now I'm trying to rescue my data. First try was to use "TestDisk", which is a free tool with good credits out there, but I didn't really know, how to handle it, since I don't know shit about all this stuff. Reading through forums on the subject didn't help either, as I simply couldn't understand what these cats were talking about.

I am so down, that I'd even consider to actually buy a software that can help and it SEEMS, that "GetDataBack" is easy to use, yet savvy enough to do the trick.

Has anybody any experience with this software? Can you recommend it?
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I got back 98% of my files from a crashed external drive using Recover My Files. I think it was about $50.

Best $50 I ever spent though.

(Looks like it's $70 now, but still worth it.)


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Maybe there's a way you could "borrow" my copy of Recover My Files. I'll check it out when I get home.
Thanks for the offer, mjp.
I wasn't able to wait any longer yesterday since I've missed my data for over 2 weeks now and was aching.
So, I gave this software a try (one can use the test-version to see, if the data is recoverable before paying) and it worked perfectly well. A magic tool.
Took the whole night and big part of the day to copy the restored data to a new place, but everything's there, folder-structure and all.
The tool you linked to looks great too!


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It's a wonderful thing when that data is retrieved, isn't it. After thinking it could be gone forever...
Definitely Yes.
I've been suspecting, the data itself could not have been gone and that rather than that, the "MFT" had crashed (that's what a friend told me).
And since I've not been deleting anything or "working" on the broken drive before having created the backup-image [that alone took nearly 3 days!], I was somehow quite sure, it should be reversable.

But when you've been suffering (and unable to work with your current data) for over 2 weeks (plus gotten puzzled by all those possible options and recommendations on forums), it sure IS a relief of a special kind to see your whole infastructure pop up in a program after just a few minutes running.
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