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How much of a hard-man do you all think Buk was? he sure could talk up a good fight but how much of it was the drink talking? In factotum and post office he seems pretty keen to let the fists do the talking but in "Notes Of....." an ageing Buk (48) freely admits that he was in condition to take on Neal Cassady. How do you think Buk would have faired up against some of his contemporaries? Mailer had a rep for being able to handle himself, as did Hemmingway. How well would Buk have done against these? either on the cobbles or in the ring. What aout Kerouac and Fante? both looked stocky and strong.Maye they could overcome Buk's reach advantage and take him on the inside. Ignoring the logistics of time and age differences who comes out on top? Any thoughts guys?
I'm sure when he was drunk he thought he was 10 feet tall and bullet proof. I think the thing about Bukowski was he could take a punch. He took beatings his entire life starting with his father. After a while you get numb to that kind of pain. I bet he could pack a punch too. It probably depended on how drunk he was tho'.
I'm sure though...back in his prime, Hank would've been able to duke it with the best of them. I like the story in...South Of No North, I think it is, where he talks about being in the ring with Hemingway. I would've like to see Hank beat the shit out of old Ernie.

and I think he could.
Remember that Neeli Cherkovski's father said that when they posed Bukowski on the boxcar for the photo in the The Days Run Away, that he didn't really know how to climb up, could only hang on for a few seconds, and was winded when he got down. ;)

I would tend to agree with ESMoist, that Bukowski could take a beating, but who knows if he was as tough as he made out. I don't think anyone is.
In "NIGHT STREETS OF MADNESS" from Tales of Ordinary Madness,
Buk spoke of someone being "influenced by the Bukowski myth" and
then said "I am really a coward."

I think that people read too much into Buk's writing. While many
of his works may have been inspired by real life events, most of
those works are FICTION. Henry Chinasky is not Charles Bukowski.

Chinaski was 93% Bukowski... well, sometimes he was 91% or 95%, depending on the interview :D but pretty much close to 100%.

and B was not hard nor tough. all his girlfriends from the 70's -whom got to know him much better than any of us here- said he was just a "creampuff" or a "marshmallow".
to me buk is chinaski
but just look at the artocle in 'words' section of this site
seems linda,marina and j.martin said chinaski was far from the 'hank',
they knew
any way im still on 'reaches' until i get off
also r.for the sun has me referencing other publications
which so far are all in my collection...
but even then sometimes it is faster to go to the
manuscripts ,or database
here at this most beautiful site
I can tell you that in person he was physically intimidating. He projected anger, hostility, power, and an "I don't give a shit" attitude. He seemed ready to fight at any moment. The guy scared me. I went to a rough junior high school where there was plenty of violence and Buk reminded me of some of the bad ass guys there. Not someone to mess with. But that was all image and attitude. I have no idea if he really could hold his own in a fight. My guess would be that he'd be better than average just because he had the moxie (sorry, couldn't resist using that word.)
About the time when Buk attended L.A.City College Barry Miles writes:
"Knox, however, told Neeli Cherkovski that he remembered Hank as being very shy and withdrawn in those days - hardly the rabble-rouser, goading the teachers and leading a neo-fascist gang that Hank liked to claim."

And about his stories:
"He claimed they were 95 per cent accurate, with embellishments here and there. The percentage is probably closer to 50 per cent fact, 50 per cent fantasy."

No doubt he liked to fight. There are many accounts of that. Norse once wrote to William Childress:"He's truly a great poet. But he is always wanting to fight. To stay around him to long is to invite disaster."

I think there are many sides to Buk's personality. There's the brawler and the fighter and there's the kind and understanding sentimental "pussycat" as well as the professional writer who knows a lot about literature. And of course there's lots of other aspects too.
And we must never forget that the image he created of himself is just that - an image. That being said, I'm sure he could scare most people when drunk and angry. After all, he was "a good duker"...
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That's what he was called when he was younger and regularly was involved in fist fights. He says so in the documentary "Born into this."
"Dukes" is another word for fists...
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Ha-ha. - Buk, the duke God :) - funny thing, we were both answering the duke question at the same time approx.
the tough part of it

When I think of Bukowski's "hardness"... his "toughness"...
I've changed my tune. I think the greatest definition
of toughness is not the ability to sock some guy in
the puss"”it's endurance... to outlast the
misery... the waiting... the sickness... the work.
That's what I think he ultimately meant by "tough,"
and it has a much deeper, broader meaning. In this
sense, I think he was damn tough indeed.
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What the fuck!!! Have you not read any of his books or did you just see the movie, Barfly? He got into fights now and then. sometimes he kicked ass and sometimes he got the shit beat out of him. AND sometimes he walked away because he was scared. What else do you want? He was pretty honest about all that.
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yes, let us get back to the subject at hand.

how hard was buk?

hard enough to not take shit from anybody
hard enough to take an ass kicking, let alone a punch
hard enough to survive on this earth for 73 years without losing all of his teeth
well, this might sound flippant, but he was just hard enough. humans beings, for the most part, are extremely adaptable. we change to fit the situation. buk had, or chose, a hard life, so he adapted suitably.
I think, anyway.
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