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Not read nor write
I'm a 43 year-old Bukowski reader from Montevideo, Uruguay. Spanish translations are easy available here (thanks GOD). At least, the most known books. Even 'Pulp'. I read him on 1991 for the first time and never leave it. Stories, novels, poems, letters, readings recordings and the first volume from his 'Selected Letters' (Black Sparrow) is what I have from him.

I'm also an amateur writer, but my style and quality is faaar away from this genius.

These days I'm searching for the 'Factotum' dvd (Matt Dillon), but that kind of media is not so easy to found down here. But I keep trying.

I'm happy to be in this forum. Lots of nice stuff to read.
Thanks for the welcome, Father Luke. I'm looking for one with subtitles, but not necessarily in Spanish. I have no problems reading English, but hearing it is a different issue for me ;)... so, I need, at least, English subtitles... And I must correct myself: I first read B on 1987.

Y gracias, cirerita, por tu recibimiento también...
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DVD different regions - if it's the same where you guys doesn't matter what region a dvd is set to. Simply contact the store where you bought the dvd player and they can give you an unlock code so it plays dvd's set to any world region

The codes may also be on the net, by dvd player?
Thanks a lot, Father Luke for the Amazon's tip, and Adrian for the quote. I have no problems with dvd regions. In my country all the dvd players you can buy are already unlocked for any region. As a bonus, all TV sets are PAL and NTSC :cool: Yeah, like paradise...

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