How many Buk autographs do you personally own??? (1 Viewer)

Please tell me about your Buk autograph collection if you have one.

do you have a book or anything else signed by him and how much did you pay to acquire it? and how did you come across it?

feel free to scan and share.

I'm sure some of you have multiple autographs. I personally have none but plan on getting enlightened soon!

thanks! hope your summers are going well!


Better hardbound:


More common hardbound:


New Year's Greetings, Wormwood Reviews, various pamphlets, etc (Relentless Like the Tarantula and All the Assholes... are buried in there, among other stuff, with some reading copies acting as a bookend (hmmm... a first PB of Women acting as part of a bookend. I need to get my shit together and re-arrange):


Reading copies:


Some mags and A Bukowski Sampler:


Another Academy underneath a double bass bridge:


The good wife and I just finished moving a few weeks back, and it's been "get shit up on shelves" mode for a while. I really need to get this better organized.

But it's all gently-placed and the better smaller items are all in bags or poly sleeves. And this is a walk-in closet out of the sun's rays, so no chance of spine fading. And we have dogs and a security system, if you were wondering.
so exactly how many is that my friend? good call on the dogs and the security system. I would be afraid to even leave the house if I had all those goodies!
I have 3: a Buk endorsed check from John Martin, a signed black and white 8x10 and a signed broadside (Face of a Political Candidate on a Street Billboard).
Hmm...if I'm not mistaken, that's not Chinese. I'm pretty sure that's from a Gilligan's Island script that Mr. Zacharias wrote. Check Wikipedia.
Wow, how did you acquire the check? and do you have a pic of it? or want to share any other info about it? how much was it for?
I bought it online a few years back, it's framed with a poster so I can't scan it and my camera is FUBAR, it's a Black Sparrow check made out to Bukowski in the early 90's for (I'm not at home and can't look to be sure) $1,850. John Martin signed the front and Bukowski signed the back. I believe I got it for under $200 ($150-$175 possibly?).

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