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Looks like shit is about to hit the fan with the economy, republicans are at the gates, inflation etc... I know, if I lose my job I'll never get one again...

So kids, go to school get some trade, if not smart enough...Good Luck to all!
I am and it's no fun.

It doesn't help that I've been self-employed for the last eight years and my business (which never made a lot of money anyway) died along with the economy. I don't qualify for unemployment and have sent out at least 150 resumés with only two interviews and no job offers. I think prospective employers view my self-employed years as a huge gap in my employment history, plus there are dozens of other people applying for the same jobs and, finally, I'm 53 years old when everyone wants younger workers.

I just got divorced, my bitch-whore ex-wife has taken everything from me while dropping $56,000 of debt in my lap, and I have two weeks to get out. In short... I'm completely and totally fucked. Once I'm out of here I won't have a place to plug my computer in to do the little bit of work that still comes in.

I've been selling some of my books to raise money (which is generally gone as quickly as it comes in) but much of the best stuff is gone and not too many people have extra money for that sort of thing right now. It looks like I'll probably have to sell the remainder of my books to a dealer at 35-40% of their value. I've got a ton of accumulated stuff... books, artwork, records, personal belongings... and nowhere to put it except the curb.

I keep hoping that I'll just die in my sleep.
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jesus christ, there isn't really much to say to that except: that really, really fucking sucks. i don't think any platitudes from me are gonna help in the least, but i'm genuinely sorry life is so shit for you right now.
You will come out of this on the other side, though I know it doesn't feel like there is another side when you're getting the shit end of the stick. I wish I had something to offer in the way of work.
I'm serious when I ask this....

Can you move out of LA? There are places where you can live much cheaper. Of course, you lose the culture of a place like LA, but you can get a one bedroom apt in a decent neighborhood in Delaware for something like $500. And that is not in the sticks; you are 90 minutes from Baltimore, Philly, and Washington DC, so you can go to shows in the same time that it would take to get across town in LA.

Call me man, or pm me.... lost your number when I flushed my last phone. We are near-by and maybe I can help somehow
sorry to hear, chronic.
I also had a business that went down with the economy. I know the feeling. Don't give up!
You'll get through it.
I am glad you came forward Cronic, hopefully someone on this forum will come-up with something. This is just a suggestion for a short term solution - I lived for about a month with some of my things in storage unit in Las Vegas until friend came forward with the place to stay for another three months. $30 a month it was safe and - cool! I hope it doesn't come to that but, just in case: last resort. Do you have some family nearby?
Thanks everyone. I'm trying to get rid of my stuff this week (going to a used record store today to sell all of my LPs, CDs and DVDs for whatever they'll give me... makes my back ache just thinking about moving all of the LPs) and am probably going to head up to Eureka where a friend has offered put me up for a little while. I hate that I have to go so far away from my kids but I don't see another option right now. Long-term it doesn't make the situation any brighter, but at least it buys me some time.
if you can, hit justine and i up when you pass through the bay area - it would be preferable to meet under more auspicious circumstances, sure, but it would still be nice to meet up.
Sorry to hear of all this, chronic. Knew there was something amiss due to previous posts. Wish I could be of help in some manner. Invite you out here to podunkville but the culture shock might prove less than helpful. Keeping the lawn clear of methheads with a shotgun is about as fun as it gets around these parts.
I would say that you could stay here and I could pay you to help me bind books. I have a TON of books that need to be bound by the end of the year. Some interesting stuff for other presses, but I'll let you know when they are ready. some big names....

Really, I'd put you up and pay you, although you could not be much farther away from your kids than being in Delaware...

Thanks guys. A friend in Ashland, Oregon also offered to put me up for as long as I need a place.

Just back from selling all of my records. Took almost three hours for the guy to go through them all. He kept saying "you have some really good stuff here" as he went through them and a customer came in and saw my mono copy of The Zombies She's Not There LP and was bugging the guy to sell it to him. That was a good sign. I ended up getting $600 more than I was expecting him to offer, so that cheered me up quite a bit. I guess it pays to hold on to old records and to have weird taste in music. Now if I could just find a good used bookstore nearby to sell my non-Bukowski books... seems like most of the used bookstores around here have closed up and only deal online if at all.
I'm glad you got a good price on those albums, Chronic. I never thought to get into asking you about selling some of those, but it would have ended up just being a big pain in the ass to go through everything and shipping those things is a real bugger.

Hang in there, brother. Feet ain't just for walking.
if we can get your books up to the bay area, there are some good bookstores to look at - moe's in berkeley, and green apple books in san francisco are two that come to mind. i'll drive down and pick up a carload if you're interested. also - can you list any of those non-buk books on the buy sell trade forum? i'm sure you have a lot of good stuff, and i have a feeling the mods will let it slide this time.
Second the listing of non-Buk books. Hooch is a total push-over and hardass hank solo is asleep anyway. Maybe there are too many to list - just authors of large chunks as a start?
Thanks gentlemen, and Jordan... I appreciate the offer but there are just too many books to haul up there and the majority are not especially valuable. I do have signed copies of several William T. Vollmann books as well as his 7 volume treatise on violence, Rising Up and Rising Down (not signed). Quite a few signed Harlan Ellison first editions. Several J.G. Ballard books, a couple of which are signed. Quite a few art books including signed copies of nearly every book of Joel-Peter Witkin's photographs. McSweeney's... every issue from 1 to (I think) 16, with the exception of number 5. A couple of signed books by Dave Eggers as well as other McSwy's publications.

I also have an original print of Witkin's Teatro de Morte as well as the original concept sketches framed with a contact sheet print of Cupid and Centaur and a pair of Albert Paley's Millenium Candlesticks, but these items would be better auctioned through Sotheby's or Christie's (though if anyone with lots of money wants them, let me know).

Just too much stuff to list.

And yeah, I'll try to meet up with you and Justine on my way up. I'll get with you on this soon.
So sorry to hear of your situation Chronic and I wish I had a solution for you. At least you have friends that will give you a roof over your head - god knows many others don't. Hang in there and keep working at it and something is bound to turn up sooner or later.

In what business were you self-employed ? I have a cousin and a good friend in the Bay Area, so who knows - maybe they know of some opportunity somewhere (I know you prefer LA ). Maybe PM me and we can talk. Best wishes.

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