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Yesterday was Michael Montfort's birthday. So, I thought, I'll share a little letter with you, that started his friendship with Bukowski:

In 1977 he got the job to photograph Bukowski for the German 'Rogner's Magazin'. Attached is the letter, where they offer him this job in the first place. Sorry, it's in German language, but that's what it is. I thought you might be interested in it as a document anyway:

Thanks, Roni! So, that's how it all started for "Muntfort". :wb:

Not many lines. Easy to translate.

That's great. You just go ahead translating it for us.:p
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It says they're preparing a new "cultural-political" mag in German for the end of August '77. It'll be out every month about 116 pages long for a price of DM 8. The core of the mag will focus on literature (48 pages).
In mag no.1 we'll bring a story on Bukowski by Christoph Derschau and we'll like to ask if you'll be ready to supply the photos (the tip came from Mr. Derschau who sends his hearty regards). We'll need a selection of private black-white photos of Bukowski. We would be very pleased if you would feel like doing it. I'll immediately write down the address and telephone number where you can contact Bukowski....
Please write and tell us if you have the time and feel like doing it? Then we'll have to talk about your fee. Maybe you'll make us a suggestion.
Please let us know as soon as possible....
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Thanks Roni!!! I expected it to be a short story, like Post Office in the Girlie Magazines... Very cool.
Here's the article plus 'Women'-excerpt for you.

Notice how it says "When I looked back in the rear view mirror and saw her standing in the moonlight, motionless, in her blue negligee and panties, my gut began to twitch and roll. I felt ill, useless, without meaning. I was still in love with her." How come I see a conflict because mine says "I felt ill, useless, sad." not without meaning. :confused:! Which one is the correct version?
Yeah, Roni, thanks! I am always impressed with the back catalog of stuff around here. So cool. Oh and Muk. as to the differences? Editing. Where to begin? Who wants to field that one?
Which one is the correct version?
That's not a trivial question here, since we know that the first printed edition of 'Women' was butchered by some "secretary" or editor at Black Sparrow [see somewhere around].

I am sure, that what we see in this magazine is a facsimile of Bukowski's own typing. Most likely given to them through Carl Weissner, who was Bukowski's German translator, friend and - agent for all European rights.

So, what we see in this magazine seems to be authentic, but at an earlier state.

Bukowski may have changed the words in his final reworking, or he may have agreed or given in (in this case) to John Martins ways, when it came to restore the original version after the screwed-up first printing was out.

Haven't done research, but my gut feeling tells me, that since we face a cancellation on the way to the book, it looks more like a change, Bukowski did himself, rather than "You know Who", who usually tended to do it the other way 'round (except when it came to alcohol and madness that is).
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That's not a trivial question here, since we know that the first printed edition of 'Women' was butchered by some "secretary" or editor at Black Sparrow [see somewhere around].
My GOD! thank you for the insight guys, and zobraks for that link. I didn't realize it was this bad til' mjp went through and scratched the surface. Bukowski always stressed the whole "every line needs its energy," so adding sentences, especially when not needed, really weighs down some of the lines.

I just hope Buk was there to either approve or disapprove some of them.

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