How much longer can we expect to receive "new" material? (1 Viewer)

as long as they find new material that is worth publishing.

This is supposed to be the last book of "new" poetry, but there is a new book coming from City Lights that is not poetry. Also, there cold always be another book of letters if they decided to go that route.

as long as they find new material that is worth publishing.

More than that, I'd guess that as long as it remains profitable to publish new collections, they'll keep doing it regardless of the quality of the material. Which is fine by me.

Ecco could publish a book called A Hodgepodge Collection of Bukowski's Worst Poems and many of us would still buy it.
I don't know about you but the doctor doesn't give me long with my three packs of day quart of bourbon lifestyle. So I'll take all that is given me till the end.
Ha! But those are not really drunken rambling. They're word game one-upmanship letters. I mean the sort of letter where Bukowski gets sloppier and sloppier in his typing as the images get more and more surreal and the style becomes more of a stretch and then it's just "ARGH memubl fwh hhee marryy givve haerf ckm nnneeerr zXcsged."

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