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How much would you pay for this? (1 Viewer)

I bid on a copy of that book a while back, and it went much higher than I anticipated (or was willing to pay). I think it was over $100, which seems very steep to me for that title.

But then things are changing as we speak. If TMF shows interest in it, it could go for a grand. ;)
It's a great little book.....
I remember I paid $60 for a nearly mint copy at a downtown San Diego shop 5-8 years ago.
My last Buk catalog (#18) from Thomas Dorn, well he was asking $200 (though you can always whittle him down 20%),
And last I saw Jeff at Skyline asking $175.

I get upset when I see the 1973 City Lights edition on e-bay go for crazy $ because it's 'first edition thus'.

Maybe TMF is making our collections more valuable :>

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