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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Just watched this documentary by the recommendation of my youngest daughter. It does something for those of you who want to define art. Ray Johnson was a genius yet living a very strange life. It also deals with a very real example of life after death. Not just life but communication after death. ( not the ghosts moaning kind you might imagine):rolleyes:

I think this was mentioned here before.
Delightful Gerard, very nice find.
It shows us how unique real art is, how personal it is.
Not done so much with thoughts of who is watching.
Ray Johnson = punk rock!

Case in point: the best story in that movie is the interview with the collector who wanted to buy one of Johnson's new works from him. The collector asked for a discount and said he would pay 75% of Johnson's asking price. So Johnson said he would send him the art and the collector left. A week later the collector receives the piece, and Johnson had cut one quarter of the drawing off and sent the guy 75% of it.

That may be the coolest move I've ever heard. When I first saw that I laughed for about 10 minutes.
Loved that film and was inspired to doodle on my ceiling because of it. About 10 minutes into it, I realized that I absolutely suck at drawing anything remotely interesting. It was going to be re-painted anyway. Now sooner rather than later.

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