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Hi, I'm sorry if this is an insane question. I'm new here, I am 16 years old. I was just now introduced to this man. I am obsessed. I want to know how Bukowski would reply to this question: "What is your purpose in life?"
Is that a valid enough question? Sorry, I even tried searching the forum.. I decided to make this post since nothing came up.
Not insane - not that interesting.

Inane might be a better word.

You want us to tell you how Charles Bukowski might answer a question?


"they say that nothing is wasted
either that or it all is"
Being 16 and discovering Bukowski I envy you. He may answer we're on the same page, but reading from different books. Who can say? Enjoy your age but keep in mind the bullshit to knife through. It may seem deep at 16 but I'm happy to convey it gets deeper with age. Could be your purpose in life is to keep a clear trail ahead of you. Buk ended up making a living at what he loved to do. That's purpose, isn't it? He tried his damndest to cut through it clean.
Be careful, at 16 you are a mass of hormones and we all know what that makes you want to do running or not. Welcome to the forum.
Read the mans books of letters if ur interested in his take on such things I'd say..ya might find some direct answers there..

16! Much luck
At 16, it is your privilege to discover your own purpose in life. Reading Bukowski so early is certainly a good opportunity for you to help you ward off loads of bullshit to come.

Some know it from the very beginning while others search all their lives, never to find out. I think that for most, the answer comes as a result.

As for Bukowski's purpose, the best thing to do is to read his books. He will be a good friend.
Thank you for all of your replies! I sort of understand what some of you mean, I will be honest I have only watched his interviews on youtube. I had to ask the person that told me about him who Chinaski was! That was sort of confusing... I hear most people saying to read his books. Do you recommend one? I don't have a lot of money so I can't just go out and purchase a bundle of them, I can probably buy one and then another when I finish the first one. So what is a good one to start with?
Thanks again for reading and all the replies
Post Office, his first novel, is a good place to start. My favorite among the short story collections is South of No North.
By all means, don't ignore the poetry. Buk was basically the poet for people who thought they didn't like poetry. No flowery bullshit tricks of language or snooty references to the long-dead "masters".

Start with Burning In Water/Drowning In Flame, or Dangling In The Tournefortia, or Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck.
You could always try the library as well... they still exist right? It shouldn't cost you more than a few late fees.
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