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I've been a fan of the smog website for a long time and had been awaiting the arrival of - it slipped my mind for a while and I decided to take a look again the other day to find that it exists now! Yay!

So, I'm a 22 year old Chicagoan living in Ireland, have been reading Buk since I was 15, and probably will never stop. I am not nearly as obsessive as I was about him in my teens, but he will probably always be my favourite poet as well as one of my favourite writers in general. Until I was 17 I had never read any of his books - I scrounged up poems and stories on the internet - but a boyfriend bought me Betting on the Muse and I have been a bit of a collector ever since. Now that Black Sparrow Press is no longer running, I snatch them up whenever I can. I received a surprise secret santa gift in 2004 - I mentioned that I like Bukowski and was given a softcover BSP edition of Women.

I started learning German a few weeks ago and the other day we began talking about our jobs. Everyone was saying what they do, and when the teacher came to me I said, "I do so many things and don't really have a job description" so she said, "You're a faktotum!"

So, whenever we practice those lines I always say "Ich bin ein faktotum" and think of Buk. :D

p.s. I'm a girl. Any other girls hanging around?
My question is, how does a 22 year old from Chicago find themselves in Ireland learning German?

It's all too international for me to comprehend.

Welcome. Willkommen. Fáilte.
I hate to work too, but tend to feel lousy when I don't. I've found a pretty good balance working from home for my friend's company. Friends care about your well-being and will pester you to take holidays. :D

Go raibh maith agat, mjp! Last year I was learning Irish, which I intend to continue. I came to Ireland in 2001 to be with my boyfriend, a Dubliner. Now I'm stuck. :rolleyes:

Danke for the welcomes, folks.

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