Hi everyone, I found this site a few weeks ago when I was looking for bukowski signatures from different eras. I had seen some signed stuff on ebay that I was curious about and didn't want to be shafted on forgeries. When I started reading in the forum I couldn't believe the quality! No spammers/flamers/wasters (or at least much of them).

I had never read bukowski until about a year and a half ago when a friend told me I needed to read his work. He lent me a copy of Women. Then Post Office. Then I bought a few books because I couldn't borrow them fast enough! My favorite book has been Dangling in the Tournefortia.
It's been fun reading all of your thoughts about bukowski and other topics and I'm looking forward to a long stay here!
As far as authentic signatures, just keep an eye out on the forum.... We find the forgeries and "convince" the sellers to close the auctions. This just happened again yesterday. When there is a seller who is selling a clear forgery and refuses to pull it, someone usually steps up and bids a painfully high amount and then does not pay for it. This keeps others from being shafted. You can always hit up the forum with questions, but you can also assume that most of what is on ebay in this regard has passed the sniff test on the forum and is authentic....

definitely be 'weary' of the quick sales; buy it now for under 100 bucks. Those are the ones that probably get most 'new' buyers/collectors. The seller can get IN and OUT pretty quickly, without being noticed (i.e. that $75 rip-off being offered right now...)

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