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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
OK, Danny Mac inspired this one, but my own self-loathing has made this "not-even-a-prospect" introduce this thread.

If you need to get it "up and out" instead of doing something stupid, post it here. If you decide to put it in a poem, you thought way too fucking much... This is for raw material only and any member who is not interested can skip this thread like a prostitute with a needle hanging from her/his arm.

I have never had a conversation with MJP, but I have been working on the mighty World Wide Web since 1994. Despite the 20 years of experience I have, every day is like Ground Hog Day with the same stupid shit happening every fucking hour. I am not expecting everyone to understand this particular occupation -- it could be anything in Corporate America. I'll put it this way: I read that Dilbert cartoon for years while riding the train to work and didn't understand why it was funny... The day I laughed out loud on that same train while reading it should have been the first sign I was completely fucked.

Anyway, back to the point of this thread: Instead of writing my boss the statement below, I should have posted it here first to get it up and out:

"Rather than deal with this bullshit from dusk to dawn, I would rather find some $20,000 house in the middle of nowhere and sustain myself on crackers and a rabbit farm until death comes for me."

OK, I have not heard back, but she's a fairly normal boss, so I think I'm good for now. But I really need to have a place like this to get it out first...
I'm glad you got that off your chest Pogue. I bet you could write even angrier stuff then that on this here site and people wouldn't mind. Jobs are a hell of a predicament. When you have one you generally hate it and if and when you lose it you try like hell to get another one which you will then hate. A prime example of "you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't."
Cloudly here, so not likely to see the SUPER MOON tonight, but I saw it last month at the beach and it was almost as lovely as you dear Kate... It just didn't talk as much... Wish you were here to wallop me...
It's the lunar effect Pogue, you must be more susceptible:) (that scientists say doesn't exist) it'll wear off in a day or two.... obviously I am hoping that during the forthcoming meteor shower, one doesn't land on your head, but I suspect you might have a sore head in the morning anyhooo.
But thanks:rolleyes:.
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Have you ever heard of death by table tennis bat Pogue? ... and don't answer that! I think you should banish yourself from your own thread, on the grounds of temporary insanity, or somesuch.
Dear X,

You don't know how refreshing it is to meet a woman who isn't afraid to constantly bitch about something. Whether it's your ex or your mother or your crushing debt, it's music to my ears. Also, telling me you're religious and disapprove of my substance abuse is an added plus, since I know you won't hit me up for anything.

...and sending me a text with the above issues on a numbered list of 'things to come' only sweetens the deal. :cool:

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